Quote of the Day: Art is in the eye of the blade-holder

“I don’t think it was 10 inches of a knife,” (Pierce) Brosnan insisted. “I’m a painter. I’m an artist, so I had my pencils. The knife went into the bag, you want to keep your pencils sharpened.”

If you are a regular TTAK reader you might remember how Pierce “007” Brosnan was stopped earlier this month by airport security in Burlington, VT for attempting to board an airplane with a 10″ hunting knife. Brosnan tried to pass off the incident as a routine mistake in an interview with the  Independent (Ireland).

Color me skeptical, preferably with paint rather than sharpened pencils, but that excuse seems more transparent than onion-skin tracing paper.


The part about Brosnan’s being an artist was true however, this sample of his work comes from his Instagram feed. (@piercebrosnanofficial)

Perhaps had the knife been an Opinel I might believe him. I imagine that venerable tool has sharpened hundreds of thousands of pencils, artist and layman’s alike, over the past century. I saw my Father-in-law use his #6 for that very task this past week.

(h/t: ArtNet.com)


  1. Mike L says:

    Actually if you look at the published photos it looks like a folder. If so then we are talking at max a 5″ blade. That isn’t anything special. Probably a little more than I would spend or your Father in Law to sharpen art pencils but PB makes more than me for sure.

    1. Strangely, in all the articles I have browsed I have never actually seen a photo of the knife.

      It certainly undermines my spin on the quote. Who the frak refers to a folder as a 10″ hunting knife?


    2. And in a further act of journalistic derp on my part, my blockquote in the original piece actually mentions the fact it was a folder and I completely missed that detail.

      Sorry about that one folks. Derp.

      1. Mike L says:


        Clay check out these photos. Looks like the TSA guy has the folder in his hand and it doesn’t extend beyond his fingers. So even 5 inches of blade seems a stretch. One other observation….but the fact that it had a STAG handle lets the hysterical press call it a deadly HUNTING KNIFE. Stag handles seem to be the equiv of firearms evil black rifles. You know the kind that have “the thing that goes up”. Ignorance by the leftist urban wussie boys may have created their knife demon . The HUNTING KNIFE.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    Pablo Picasso used to use an Opinel to scrape his palette.

    1. did not know that for certain, but am not in the least bit surprised.

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Quote of the Day: Art is in the eye of the blade-holder

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