Quote of the Day: Go Investigate A Real Crime Edition

"Merlin Ferry, seen here with father Bryan, will be jailed if he is caught with a knife again"  (Picture: Dave Benett)

“You are just another young man carrying a knife and that makes you very frightening to people in west London and that is why people think I should send you to prison.” Judge Paul Dugdale, Bryan Ferry’s son Merlin: A knife? That’s not a real crime [via metro.co.uk]


  1. Matt in FL says:

    “Very frightening…”

    What a pathetic statement that is.

  2. Ing says:

    Yeesh. I’ve had people say that before they got to know me, they were frightened by my epic beard and shaved head and didn’t dare talk to me. (Yes, really. If you wanna know how epic a beard it is, google Kirk Windstein and imagine that he’s 6″ taller.)

    To the people of the Northwest US, I’m just another big lug with excessive facial hair. Better get me in jail fast, before more people are frightened.

  3. Azimuth says:

    So, these people, who for a great part of their long-ish history, were running around cleaving and hacking each other with swords and axes, but the sight of a EDC locking folder, now freaks out the once blade brandishing Brits?

    Was there a joke in there somewhere, or was it just the irony? I laughed.

  4. PR24 says:

    Bloody Hell! Those Londoners would think we Arizonans are barmy for sure! If they visited US/AZ they would evacuate their bowels!

    Open carry of GUNS? Concealed carry of GUNS?? No knife laws to speak of??? Some daft soul can sport a sheath knife whilst strolling the pavement???? EGAD MAN! What have the colonies come too, they’re stark raving MAD Yanks I say!!!

    Maybe, but we’re safer, stark raving mad AMERICANS!!

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Quote of the Day: Go Investigate A Real Crime Edition

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