Quote of the Day: Gunny Ermey Edition

The latest KnifeRights.org video featuring R. Lee Ermey: (from the SOG Knives Youtube Channel):


“When I was a kid, every kid in my school carried a knife in his pocket – to school!  It is just ridiculous to think that we could live without the tool of the knife”.

I am half of Gunny’s age, and I still grew up in a sane America  (with a Swiss Army knife in my pocket at school).  My own two children will not be so lucky.

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  1. Matt in FL says:

    I am the only one of the guys in my circle of friends, all of us in our mid-30’s, who carries a knife every day as a matter of habit. I am NOT the only one who was a Boy Scout. In fact, all of us were.

  2. jwm says:

    I wish I was only half Gunnie’s age. Country boy, boy scout, military all in the past now. But I would still feel nekkid without a knife of some sort on my belt or in my pocket, sometimes both.

  3. Chris Dumm says:

    I had a Victorinox (or more) in my pocket from 7th grade through college. I usually wore the Gerber Touche also. My pencils stayed really sharp.

  4. chuck k says:

    The very first thing I can remember “buying” at age 7 was a penknife. I didn’t actually buy it; I saved enough bubble gum wrappers to get it as a prize. I probably still have it somewhere along with the 30 or 40 knives I have collected in the past 60 years. I take that back…..I gave it to one of my grandkids.

  5. C says:

    I carried my sog clipped to my pocket my junior and senior years (mid-late 2000’s). I don’t think anyone even noticed, but this is a rural area. Pretty much all of the guys were carrying an edge.

  6. I was a firefighter/EMT in college (1994-1998). I carried a Spyderco Rescue every day I was there. I carried, and openly used, my Victorinox in High School.

  7. John Dennis says:

    I started with a sharpened pencil in grade 1 (1972). By Grade 2 I had fashioned my own blade in our machine shop using a length of hacksaw blade sharpened with a grinding machine and masking tape plus cardboard for the handle and sheath which I carried in my ankle. No one ever made a big deal. In Grade 6 and all throughout high school we carried butterfly knives tucked in our waistband. Some teachers in school knew, but never made a big deal of it because we were never troublemakers and they regarded us more than just as students. That’s what’s missing these days, relationship and trust.

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Quote of the Day: Gunny Ermey Edition

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