Quote of the Day: Idaho Wisdom


Hey, I photo-bombed my blog post.

Sometimes the mountain air has a way of clearing one’s head  (except in Denver apparently).   This Random Thought from Joe Huffman is wonderfully succinct:

“While I agree with the sentiment “Because F*$k you!” when asked something along the lines of “Why do you need X?” where X is a firearm, ammo, book, religion, speech, encryption, or any other freedom I think there may be a more productive answer.

I think my answer would be:

That is a totally inappropriate question. The proper questions are:

  • Where does the government get the power for infringing upon this right?
  • What justification does the government have for infringing upon this right?
  • Where is the evidence that this infringement will be a net benefit?

Make them prove their case. It’s not up to us to prove ours.”

“Make them prove their case.  It’s not up to us to prove ours.”    The problem is they can’t.  So they lie.

(h/t SayUncle)


  1. BLAMMO says:

    The question presumes that the onus is on you to justify a need to them. It is not.

    We fill our lives, mostly, with things we don’t specifically “need”. Material things, activities, personal interests … are almost all things we don’t absolutely need. Any recreational activity or hobby can be dismissed as a pointless waste of time. Anything that is done purely for enjoyment can be depicted as trite and selfish, with only a superficial benefit to self and of no benefit to others.

    Engaging things we don’t need, but choose to, is fundamental to individual liberty. The only people who only have what they need are monks and prisoners. We are neither.

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Quote of the Day: Idaho Wisdom

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