Quote of the Day: Opposition to stupid knife laws crosses party lines

““When you have an African-American Democrat from Houston with an ‘F’ rating from the NRA as your primary sponsor to reform knife laws, that should tell you something-that this is not a partisan issue. People on all sides recognize that these laws are antiquated and stupid.” – Todd Rathner

The contradictory nature of Texas knife and gun laws is a well-known fact within Second Amendment circles. ““I’ve always said to people that Texas is not quite as ‘Texas’ as people think it is,” says Todd Rathner, the lead lobbyist for Knife Rights in the San Antonio Express News.

While it has long been legal for folks to carry rifles and other long-guns openly, and open carry of handguns (with permit) is set to begin January 1, certain knives, clubs, brass knuckles and other items remain verbooten.


Rusty Polk Bowie Knife. Still (mostly) illegal to carry in Texas.

Even though he is resistant to gun-law changes, state Rep. Harold Dutton, the abovementioned Houston Democrat, says, ““I would guess if we took all these knife statutes away, nothing would change,” . Dutton has been working with KnifeRights and leading the effort to fix the arbitrary nature of Texas knife laws.

There have been victories. Switchblade prohibition was repealed in 2013. Knife law preemption passed this year and went into effect September 1st. Now the loose ends need to be cleaned up. Support Knife Rights today and get this across the finish line.


  1. dale temple says:

    Is schrade OTF VIPER double edge blade legal to carry in Texas?

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Quote of the Day: Opposition to stupid knife laws crosses party lines

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