Quote Of The Day: Peace Of Mind Edition

Image courtesy The Daily Freeman

A recent editorial in the Kingston, NY Daily Freeman railed against the TSA’s plans to rationalize in-flight security measures by allowing itty bitty pocketknives back on airplanes. Instead of just reciting the logical reasons against itty bitty pocketknives (which are weak, but at least you can debate them with a straight face) the Daily Freeman actually told us what they really want from us…

…But, seriously, what is the inconvenience to the public to not allow knives of any sort on a plane?

And isn’t the peace of mind of complete prohibition worth something?

If we’ll just put up with some ‘complete prohibition’ here and a little ‘complete prohibition’ there, pretty soon we’ll be completely safe. And completely prohibited. (Anybody remember the Volstead Act? How’d that work for ya?)

‘Complete prohibition’ of knives on planes is only the beginning of it. ‘Complete prohibition’ of evil-looking guns and big, scary magazines is another step. The journey won’t be over until ‘complete prohibition‘ of the means to effective self-defense is achieved, because that’s the real agenda of civil disarmament advocates everywhere.

They desire to live in a nanny state where we won’t need scary things like guns and knives, because bad people will cease being bad when the government tells them to. And where the ‘peace of mind’ of the shivering ninnies is more important than the liberty (or security, or life) of the rest of us.


  1. 2hotel9 says:

    Funny, the idiots who are constantly screeching about “prohibiting” this that and the other thing ALWAYS create exemptions for themselves. How convenient.

  2. My favorite quote:
    “If the passenger behind you might have a knife, shouldn’t you have your own knife, on the well-established principle that the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a knife on a plane is a good guy with a knife on a plane?”

    Actually, no. There are plenty of common items on a plane that make a considerably better melee weapon than a 2″ non-locking folder. There are just scores of everyday situations where they make a darned useful tool, situations that a traveler will encounter as well. No one should deprive an honest man of the most efficient tool with which to engage in any legal task.

    1. Robert says:

      I agree. I think it is sad how people who don’t do or use something (pocket knives) think no one else should be allowed to do so either.

      Anybody who has ever used a small pocket knife like what the TSA is now allowing already know the limitations of that knife. It is a great knife for cutting little things or cleaning the dirt from under your fingernails. Other then that, they have little value. I still have one that I keep on my keychain because they are darn useful when I don’t have my EDC on me. But, try to take down a plane with one?! I would have better luck throwing my keys at someone then the little knife attached to the ring.

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Quote Of The Day: Peace Of Mind Edition

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