Quote of the Day: Security or “Security-theater”?

“Security? What a joke! They felt free to get all huffy about confiscating my mini-Swiss knife but missed the ball point pen in my pocket and the sewing scissors in my wife’s purse, both of which are every bit as deadly a weapon as my little two inch knife and plastic toothpick.

 Meanwhile, thousands of cars stream over the dam with nothing more than a cursory glance inside. What’s in the trunk? Throw in the rude and arrogant attitudes of the officers and the situation is just about intolerable”.
So asks Ed Schweizer in the Havasu News, following a trip to the Hoover Dam which saw him deprived of his Constitutionally-protected property without due process of law.
“I fear for the safety of those of us down river and for the freedoms we are being forced to abandon, little by little, under silly, feel good, security measures.
I’m sure they were trained by the TSA. Oh, my knife? No, you cannot have it back after the tour. Really? Isn’t that a theft?”
Yes. Yes it is. But it is ok when the Government does it.
In fairness to the TSA though, they were in favor of allowing small knives back on planes. It was the flight attendant unions and industry lobbyists that got the plan shot down.
And besides, you can make some pretty insane improvised weapons from behind the security checkpoints. And these EDC items are perfectly TSA compliant.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Tactical pens are more and more being confiscated. TSA snagged my Tuff Writer the last time through, even though I had flown with it several times prior. They put verbiage in their regs that say that the supervisor on site can make the call if something can go or not.

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Quote of the Day: Security or “Security-theater”?

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