Quote of the day: Terminal Stupidity Edition

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h/t Being Liberal Logic.

Being Liberal Logic is a Facebook Page that fisks liberal memes, most notably those of the Being Liberal page. I recognize that part of the problem with our societal discourse is that it has devolved into a 140 character shouting match. Those two pages exemplify this trend, but the world is what it is, not what we would like it to be.

That is the problem with hoplophobic thinking. As wonderful as it would be to live in a world where there is no murder, that world does not exist. History clearly shows that not only is a disarmed populace helpless at the hands of common criminals, far too often said populace falls victim to state-sanctioned criminals as well.

Being Liberal Logic’s take on the above quote reflects how I feel. There is no reasoning with someone who can still maintain single-minded focus on objects and not actors despite countless examples of tool misuse. Sometimes you just have to gather the scattered pieces of your exploded cranium and slowly walk away.

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The two images were paired into one meme by Being Liberal Logic. It captures my feelings perfectly.



  1. Sam L. says:

    That’s actually a reasonably reasonable statement. Reminds me of what I thought when I saw a bumper sticker that said “A little town in Texas has lost its idiot”: Molly Ivins, Please Call Home.

  2. Grindstone says:

    That Liberal Logic is very discriminatory towards the handicapped and elderly. Very able-ist.

  3. trav says:

    Apparently someone has not been watching knife throwing videos to think knives can’t ricochet.

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Quote of the day: Terminal Stupidity Edition

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