Quote of the Day: The futility of gun control.

FullSizeRender (65)I am trying to wrap up my Hootenanny review by this evening, and TTAG is very much on the story so I will refer you to them for ongoing coverage. However, after watching the video that the WBDJ killer shot of himself walking to within 2 feet of his victims and standing there for an appreciable amount of time before opening fire it was abundantly clear to me that it mattered not that the killer chose to use a gun.

From 2 feet away he could have just as easily chosen any other tool to commit his despicable act. The victims were busy actually working, and I can’t really fault them for not being at “condition yellow” with respect to situational awareness.

In that state, they were completely helpless against a heart set on murder. No amount of “gun control” could have saved them.

NSFW video below the jump.


Sad. Shocking. Utterly pointless.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones of the victims.

Update: YouTube took down the video, which is not surprising. It is still up at LiveLeak though. I do not share it for voyeuristic reasons, rather because it is news, it is out there, and attempts to censor information abhor me (it is YouTube’s right as a private concern, I disagree philosophically with their choice)


  1. I know that I ran this as a 2nd “quote of the day” header, sorry. I wanted to get a quick comment out while it was prescient, and leave the rest to TTAG where it is a bit more relevant.

    Back to work…

  2. Spencer says:

    Incidents like this suggest to me that America is unraveling at an alarming rate.

    While America in the 1960s and early 70s (when I was growing up) had plenty of violence, much of it was political (antiwar rallies, inner-city-black riots, civil rights marches attacked) and made sense on some level. Nowadays, madmen with bizarre grudges and/or fantasies seem to snap and murder defenseless people.

    Is the United States well on its way to becoming a true third world country, with no rule of law, no social boundaries, and no personal accountability? Sure looks like it.

    1. Grindstone says:

      I really doubt things are so much more worse than before, it’s just now you know about this kind of thing instantly, rather than maybe being buried on a back page of a news paper, if such a localized incident would even travel to your corner of the world. Are there bigger issues that could be affecting our future as a nation? Sure. But some nut attacking people isn’t nothing new, it’s just easier to learn about it now.

      1. Spencer says:

        It’s true that nuts have always been with us but my recollection is that many years ago America did a much better job safeguarding the rest of us by keeping crazies in mental asylums. Perhaps we should reopen those facilities.

    2. Paul Rain says:

      It probably has a lot to to with the consequences of those times.


      The scum of the earth would have been scared to say something like that to a Real American back in 1960- whether they be a Dixiecrat or a realist Republican.

  3. Grindstone says:

    The Oklahoma Labor Commissioner was stabbed to death by his son in a fast food restaurant. Yet nobody is calling for more knife control.

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Quote of the Day: The futility of gun control.

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