Quote of the Day: “There’s your problem” Edition

“We did our own test of how easy it was to buy online, and a 16-year-old managed to buy a number of blades and have them delivered.

“However, it comes down to parents – kids can just take knives out of drawers in the house, they don’t need to buy them online.” –Caroline Shearer, founder “Only Cowards Carry” (UK)

Caroline Shearer lost her son to knife violence in 2012, and as a parent I have sympathy for her plight. The above quote comes from the Essex Chronicle. Even though her group was setting out to shock people with how easy it is to buy a knife online, she inadvertently hits the nail on the head.


OMG, a knife. And you can bu it online. (photo from Essex Chronicle UK)

She is right that it is parents who hold the key. I am not clear how a kid can buy a knife online without their parent’s credit card, but as Ms. Shearer states, one only needs to go to the drawer in the kitchen. Rather than seek to remove knives from society, an impossible goal, parents need to be involved in kids’ lives and teaching them not only responsible tool use, but respect for people.

No tool will hurt someone without action on the part of an individual. As this piece from Ozy clearly shows how easily an actor can kill, even without the aid of a tool:

“An increasing number of deaths from one-punch assaults in Australia — more than 90 since 2000 — has galvanized victim’s families and tough-on-crime policymakers. With public-awareness campaigns and legislation on their side, they’ve ignited a national debate on how best to reduce violence in a newer, albeit strange circumstance. And what plays out in the land Down Under could help determine how other countries, like the U.K. and the U.S., handle one-punch assaults.”

According to the FBI (2011), almost 800 people in the US were killed with fists and feet. It is high time the government takes steps to keep this dangerous weapons off the streets.



  1. Sam L. says:

    Help me! I have four dangerous weapons and can’t let go!

  2. Grindstone says:

    “Only Cowards Carry”


  3. Rick the Bear says:

    “Knife violence”? Really? Like my guns, my knives don’t do anything on their own. Neither does my bat (“bat violence”)

  4. samuraichatter says:

    Anyone or anything that can start a fire has the ability to kill on a grand scale. If teenagers can find a set of keys then they have access to firebombs and missiles known as cars.

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Quote of the Day: “There’s your problem” Edition

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