Quote of the Day: TSA Risk Assessment Edition

Knives in a box at State of Georgia Surplus Property Division (courtesy news.yahoo.com)

“A Swiss Army knife placed against the jugular of a stewardess would probably not get a terrorist into a locked cockpit but it could be part of an incident that could bring down a plane – say in the case of a terrorist who ignites some sort of as-yet-unvisualized explosive and/or toxic device after fending off others in the cabin with a knife. Very unlikely, but the TSA is charged with dealing with the very unlikely.” Providence Journal Bulletin Editorial


  1. Dan Zimmerman says:

    Really? Where did the explosive device come from? If Mr. Terrorist gets a bomb past TSA and on a plane, a Swiss Army knife will be the least of their worries.

  2. Ducky says:

    The existence of the TSA is a gross violation of the bill of rights. True, my search and seizure is entirely voluntary, but if I don’t volunteer I don’t fly.

  3. Ajax says:

    It would be par for the course for the gov to focus on knives after an airline explosion.

    “The hijacker pulled a knife before igniting a brick of C4 he had hidden in his anus”


  4. Michæl says:

    I thought the point of keeping planes terrorist-free was so we didn’t have more 9/11 style attacks where the plane itself becomes the weapon—hi-jacked and flown into a skyscraper. Why are we so concerned with people “bringing a plane down”?

    If some sociopath wants to kill a hundred people, isn’t crashing an airplane kind of a difficult way to do it?

  5. Jeff S. says:

    Do they not realize that an upstanding citizen with a Swiss Army Knife can use the scissors to cut the wires for a bomb?

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Quote of the Day: TSA Risk Assessment Edition

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