Quote of the Day: UK Activist Doesn’t Blame the Knife

sheldon thomas gangsline uk

“We live in a society where in deprived communities, violence is seen as normal, and people who come from deprived communities are desensitised to violence,” he said.

The film, music and gaming industries all glorify violence and the oppression of women, he added, and young people are given more access to these things than ever.

“We need to understand what we’re up against. We’re not just up against fathers missing from the house, we’re not just up against mothers struggling to raise their children, we’re up against a system that is trying to infiltrate our children.”

Sheldon Thomas, a leading gang member in London in the 1970s and now founder and chief executive of Gangsline, showing a rare (for the UK) display of common sense in “‘The ferocity of attacks has increased’: UK knife crime on the rise


  1. Pantera Vazquez says:

    Knives, as guns are inanimate objects.
    Tools are weaponized by the manner in which they are chosen to be used .
    Some folk are actually wise to this.

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      yup, if they actually manage to get all knives out of the country (impossible task), the next big thing will be pointed stick crime.

      BAN TREES!

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Quote of the Day: UK Activist Doesn’t Blame the Knife

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