Quote of the Day: You are a grown-up. Act like it.


Alan Korwin (photo from GunLaws.com)

“You’re an adult, or at least you’re supposed to be, and act like one, as a functioning member of civil society. That level of competency was expected when the nation was founded, as a needed part of self governance. You’re expected to be sufficiently adult to handle all sorts of powerful and dangerous things, most of them much more often than guns, or voting.

So says Publisher, Author, and 2nd Amendment advocate Alan Korwin in his latest piece in the Daily Caller, The Guns-Are-Dangerous Myth. He continues:

If you can’t, then maybe you shouldn’t be left out on your own. Think of all the harm you can do with kitchen knives. The enemies of Israel are showing that to us. Poison, cars, power tools, flammable liquids, matches in a forest. Maybe you’ve read lists of how exposed this nation is to attack by people without guns.

Hey, before guns existed personal physical harm was done with blades of some sort. The world was a lot more bloody, ugly and dangerous in times of Caesar, Khan and Xena. Guns have actually tamed things down, for the average domestic street.”

I agree with Korwin that the whole point of guns is that they are in fact dangerous. They would not be the proper tool for their purpose if they weren’t. But they are a tool requiring an actor. Most people use all sorts of dangerous tools all the time and everything is just fine because most people are responsible grown ups. Unfortunately, not everyone is.

Knives are dangerous too. The sharper the knife, the more efficient it is at the task in which it is being used. Certainly a good thing when processing vegetables or game, and absolutely a good thing if the intent is to be used as a weapon.

A tool has no moral code. It lacks free will as it is an inanimate object. It serves the ends of the user whether good or evil. The fired bullet does not know if it is going to impact an innocent or disable a predator. A knife does not know if the flesh it is parting is the carcass of someone’s dinner, or a victim of a crime.

If the person wielding the knife is truly demented, it might be both. The knife does not know or care.

(h/t DR)


  1. Sam L. says:

    Nail guns, f’rinstance.

    1. cmeat says:

      and social media.

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Quote of the Day: You are a grown-up. Act like it.

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