Read about Viking Berserkers, or just watch Lynn Thompson destroy a ballistics dummy.

Let no one accuse me of clickbait. The title above is exactly what you are going to get.

I am not particularly well versed in Viking history, and I do not normally look to as an academic source. So I can’t testify to the veracity of this post on Viking Berserkers. But I got to share Lynn Thompson going berserk on a dummy made of ballistics gel. So I have that going for me.


Though there’s no definitive proof as to whether or not berserkers got blitzed before charging into battle, it’s hypothesized the used both magic mushrooms and obscene quantities of alcohol.

Writing in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Howard Fabing explains berserkers may have taken Amanita muscaria. a psychedelic mushroom containing bufotenine. In trials, bufotenine has been shown to cause hallucinations and psychophysiological effects consistent with those described in Norse sagas.

It’s also possible they drank butt tons of alcohol. Both shrooms and booze consumption fit contemporary knowledge of Viking rituals, though other reasons for the berserker rage-trance have been suggested, including self-induced hysteria, epilepsy, mental illness, and even genetics.

“What do you want to be when you grow up, little Morten?”

“Well, my daddy flies into an uncontrollable rage and rips off all his clothes and runs into battle wearing nothing but a bear pelt, so I think I’ll probably get into that racket, too.”

Again, I didn’t vet these facts, but it was an amusing read. Hey, did you watch the video?

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Read about Viking Berserkers, or just watch Lynn Thompson destroy a ballistics dummy.

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