Reader Contest Submission: Let your son play with knives

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Let Your Son Play With Knives.

By Jake Middleton

Every parent and every family has their own style. As a father to a slightly older than three year old boy, and another boy on the way, I think that we as a country, by and large are sissifying our kids, specifically our boys. While the popular phrase nowadays is “War” on everything, whether that is the “war on middle class”, and many other things.the one “war” that I think is really going on is the “war on boys”. Since when did it not become okay for boys to act like little boys? I’m not that old(29), but even when I was in grade school and high school we couldn’t be “rough” and had to play nice with everyone, not get dirty and by that time, all of the shop classes were no more. We were stuck in front of a computer/teacher all day. Our teachers wanted us to concentrate and sit still like the girls, girls were “easy”.


Even when my wife was pregnant with my first son, more people than I can even recall said “Hope you have a girl, girls are EASY”. I don’t know anything about raising girls, but is parenting supposed to be easy? In this day and age raising a boy, or multiple boys is hard. I can only speak for where I live, in the ‘burbs of Upstate New York. Up here though, you are looked down on if you raise a “boy”. Everything is gender neutral, and everyone should be treated the same. I’m sorry though, boys and girls are different in more ways than they are similar, and they must be raised differently. Much of it is ingrained in them(in my opinion). Even when my son was one and a half, he would rarely wrestle with his mother, but she was the one he ran to to get cuddled and comforted.

This is why we have two generations(and it started with mine) who never move out of their parents house, can’t or won’t find work. Get liberal art degrees and then work at applebees for five years while they “find themselves”, while what the country needs are mechanics, welders, construction workers and electricians.


I am no expert parent, I make plenty of mistakes, and I’m sure I will make plenty more, but one thing that I do great, is let my son be a boy. I let him get dirty, play in the mud, help me with EVERY house project, get hurt, get cut, fall down, climb trees, jump in puddles and spit. It certainly makes for a lot of dirty clothes and bruised knees, but it also has made for an extremely well behaved three year old who holds the door open for ladies(seriously, everywhere we go), uses his manners, and is incredibly self reliant. I’ve even had to start buying him real tools recently because his toy tools aren’t cutting him for it anymore. He can’t actually use a plastic screwdriver to help me install something, so now he has his own set of small stubby screwdrivers.

An important part of being a kid(boy or girl) in America is growing up with an appreciation and a respect of firearms and knives. Speaking strictly of knives, he owns his own wood pocket knife, a wood multitool, and a real Buck knife(Buck Bantam to be exact). We practice knife safety daily, and he is only allowed to use the two wood tools unsupervised, and the Buck knife only when I am helping him. However, he also knows that at any point if they are used improperly they go away for at least a week. He has never lost the use of any of them though, because we talked about holding the knife point down, not running, cutting away from you and more.


My biggest fear with raising my son, and son to come this way is school. School is going to try to slow them down, and not let them get dirty, and be boys.



Further Reading: (Editors note: I have read and cited this excellent piece on several occasions)




  1. Sam L. says:

    Fine article, Mr. Middleton!

  2. Spencer says:

    Allowing young boys to risk a little danger and grow up and become manly may be a difficult notion for Americans to accept as it appears that so many of us are obsessed with LGBT issues, mush-mouth political correctness, binge shopping at Walmart, and sobbing about the “rights” of illegal immigrants.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Sam, glad you enjoyed it!

  4. bill middleton says:

    my God son,what a great piece of writing and insight. I AM PROUD TO HAVE YOU AS A SON,Love U MUCH,DAD

    1. 🙂

      Hi Bill…
      Don’t worry Jake. That is much better than my mom leaving a comment.

      Take care guys.

  5. It’s all good Clay, he’s well intentioned, just a little heavy on the all caps lol.

  6. Jason Grogg says:

    I have three daughters (12, 10, 8) and a son(6). Since my wife and I homeschool our children we get to teach them so much more than their ABC’s and math. They each have there own hatchet, knife, 22 rifle, kayak, etc. Every time I take them to the river or range or on a hike, it’s school. I went to a public school and I learned nothing beyond the answers to pass the tests. We have come a long way from respecting the genders and teaching morals, thus we homeschool. Are my children weird.. you bet they are! (They take after my wife) 😉

    1. Parenting. You’re doing it right.

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Reader Contest Submission: Let your son play with knives

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