Reader Submission: Why I carry a pocketknife.

why I carry a pocketknife

(below is a guest essay from Jason Roger of USSSportsMachine. We are always happy to consider reader submissions, drop us a line at

Why I carry a pocketknife

by Jason Roger


We all know that a pocket knife can be used as a weapon and that it is always good to have some sort of protection. What we rarely think about is the plethora of other uses for a pocket knife. Firstly, you should be observant of your surroundings and take care in deciding when and where to expose your pocket knife. With that in mind, just think of the many times it would be nice to have one handy. It’s a great tool that no person should be without.

Have you ever been out on a date and suddenly you notice that your outfit still has one of those annoying plastic tag holders on it? Maybe you notice a snag that, once it gets going, will eventually unravel your entire sock, altogether. These are good times to make use of your pocket knife.


You can separate your new pair of shoes from one another, open mail or packages without getting paper cuts or even tighten a loose screw. A pocket knife is a great tool for at-home-survival, as well. Trim a cuticle. Remove a nasty splinter. Use it to perfect that crafting project you have been working on.


Have you ever been to one of those cookouts where someone forgot to bring the steak knives? If you have your pocket knife with you, you’re set. Even the handle of a good pocket knife can be used (carefully) for a crab crack. Someone forgot the bottle opener, too? You, with your pocket knife, have that covered, as well.


If you are out fishing, your pocket knife can assist in stringing a pole, getting yourself out of a tough snag or removing the hook from the mouth of all of the most common fish you would ever want to catch for your evening dinner You can also use it to scale your fish, gut and clean your fish. If you are camping on your fishing trip, you can use a pocket knife to shave bark to use as kindling for that fire that will cook your food and keep you warm.


A pocket knife is also essential if you are hunting. You never want to be caught in the woods without one. Use it to help clear a path. Use it to bleed a hog or skin a deer. You can even use it to make the perfect duck or turkey call.


The uses for a good pocket knife are endless. Most off all, not only can it be used for personal protection, it can be substituted for nearly any tool you find yourself without. Comfort also comes into play. It might be more convenient to have a handy pair of scissors, a drill or a screwdriver but it would definitely be more comfortable to sit down with a pocket knife in your pocket instead.

Came across this right after I scheduled this post. Seemed relevant.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly with all Jason Roger has to say. I would like to further add the category “Lifesaving.” And the advantage of one handed opening, especially for emergency services personnel. In the early ’80’s as a ski patroller, I rescued a young boy hanging from the chairlift by the draw cord in his hood, needed my left hand to boost him up and got my survival folder from my belt with my right hand and cut him loose. Today I carry my #PanamaFolder in my left front pocket. It has a two sided opener, and I often open it left handed. Very handy because there’s something in my right hand.

  2. Jesse "Sparky" Mohler says:

    You fellows did a good job! I have loved knives ever since I was a young man. Thank you for your presentation.
    You mentioned Lynn Thompson would be interviewed. I hope tthat I do not miss that email. I have purchased a number of his high end Cold Steel products.
    Lynn is one of the most passionate Individuals of blade technology that I am aware of. keep me posted!
    Sparky Mohler

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Reader Submission: Why I carry a pocketknife.

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