Red Power Ranger booked for killing roomate with Samurai Sword

PR_Samurai_logoOK, so it isn’t the original Red Ranger. Apparently there have been several iterations of the show, and a couple of movies as well. I did not know this. If I were not Managing Editor of a Knife Blog, it is quite possible that I would never have learned such a fascinating factoid. Why is this story fodder for TTAK you ask? Because this Red Ranger starred in Power Rangers: Samurai,  and the weapon in the homicide was a Samurai sword. Alanis Morrisette ironic, if not actually ironic.

Actor Ricardo Medina Jr., 37, was arrested for killing his roomate Sunday following an altercation that became physical. According to the LA County Sheriff’s Department, Medina and his girlfriend retreated to his bedroom. When roomate Joshua Sutter forced his way into the room, Medina reportedly stabbed him once in the stomach with a Samurai sword that was kept near the bedroom door. Medina called 911 himself, and with a witness that corroborates his story, I find it odd that he has been booked for Murder and is being held in lieu of $1 million bond.


“Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau detectives are continuing their investigation into the circumstances surrounding the stabbing death of a man.  The incident occurred shortly before 4:00 P.M. on Saturday, January 31, 2015, in the 38000 block of San Francisquito Canyon Road, Palmdale.

The victim was identified as Joshua Sutter, a 36-year-old male, who lived at the location with the suspect, identified as Ricardo Medina, also a 36-year-old male.

That afternoon, the victim and the suspect became involved in an argument, which turned into a physical altercation.  Suspect Medina retreated to his bedroom with his girlfriend, but Victim Sutter followed them and forced the door open.  Suspect Medina stabbed Victim Sutter once in the abdomen with a sword kept next to the bedroom door.

Suspect Medina called 9-1-1, remained at the location and was later interviewed by Homicide Bureau detectives.  He was booked for Murder at Palmdale Sheriff’s Station, where he is being held in lieu of one million dollars bail. “

If the expected “self-defense” case is successful, Medina will be the first former Power Rangers actor to beat a murder charge. He won’t however be the first to kill someone. Turns out that Skylar DeLeon, who appeared in the original series, was sentenced to death in 2009 for a  2004 double-murder where he pretended to want to buy a yacht from a couple before tying them to an anchor and dropping them overboard alive.

Apparently, we need anchor control…just as soon as we are done banning all pointy things.

h/t: Reader DW

Addendum: When closing down the tabs I had open with various news stories on the killing, I noticed one tidbit I overlooked that undermines the above post slightly. Technically, Medina played Red Ranger in an iteration other than “Samurai”. In that show he played the villain “Deker”. I could not withold “Truth”, but I really don’t want to go back and rewrite this post. It is otherwise factually sound, only the narrative direction is slightly altered.


  1. Roger says:

    The original Red Power Ranger does a different sort of stabbing these days.

    Anyway, it seems like a pretty clear case of self defense from what I’ve seen of this case on other sites. LA cops and prosecutors are crazy about not accepting self-defense claims.

  2. borg says:

    Based on this page it looks like he was a red power ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force in 2002
    and was the villain in Power Rangers Samurai,_Jr.

  3. Thanks guys. I didn’t have it in me last night to start over. I was whooped.

  4. Anderson says:

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Red Power Ranger booked for killing roomate with Samurai Sword

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