Redesigned Buck 183 Alpha Crosslock To Debut At 2014 SHOT Show

Buck 183 Alpha Crosslock

Buck Knives’ clever twin-bladed 183 Alpha Crosslock is getting a makeover, and the New & Improved version will be introduced in a few weeks at the SHOT Show. But why, you might ask, would it need a redesign?

In a word, grippiness. The guthook and saw are dead giveaways that this is a hunting knife which will probably spend the most useful hours of its working life elbow-deep in a deer’s abdominal cavity. You can’t always see what you’re doing in there, and with one wrong move you can 1) cut yourself and get an almost guaranteed nasty bloodborne infection, or 2) puncture the gut and unintentionally marinate your venison in a special sauce of urine, bile, and fecal matter.

For those reasons, you really don’t want your hunting knife to have a slippery handle. The original Buck 183 shown above had unadorned aluminum grips with a high slip factor, and the design never really took off.

Buck’s press release shows that they got the memo.

183 Alpha Crosslock (Redesign) –USA Made

The award winning, patented technology found in the Alpha Crosslock was redesigned in order to offer even more control in wet, slippery conditions. The spear point blade and saw blade with integrated gut hook, create an effective multi-function hunting knife. In addition to the upgraded grip features on the handle, this version includes a sturdier lock mechanism for added durability. Constructed with 420HC steel and an aluminum handle available in orange or shadow green. MSRP: $90



  1. Larry says:

    I had one many many years ago,the Rescue model . It had the cutting blade,and a second blade with seatbelt cutter. It was a p.o.s to say the least.

    The liner lock was thinnest I’ve ever seen and would fail with the slightest light tap on the palm of your hand,or anything it might happen to bump….

    Just had an over all cheap feel to it to boot.

    Hope they did it right this time.

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Redesigned Buck 183 Alpha Crosslock To Debut At 2014 SHOT Show

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