Remember Mother’s Day With The Pink Kershaw Chive

Image courtesy Kershaw Knives

Here it is, the very morning of Mother’s Day, and you’ve completely forgotten that special something for your better half. What the hell are you going to do now?

You’re going to salvage your marriage with three simple gifts: Roses and chocolate (from a dawn raid on the grocery store, right now) and a handwritten card promising a sleek and shiny pink Kershaw Chive. Because nothing says ‘Mother’s Day’ like a small, fashionable assisted-opener. Right?

The Chive is instantly recognizable as a Ken Onion design (it’s the spitting image of a miniature Scallion) and it features a Speedsafe opening mechanism like many of Ken’s other knives. The manual tip-lock also keeps the diminutive 2″ blade from accidentally opening in her purse while she’s rooting around for the keys, cell phone, or garage door opener. It’s not made of wondersteel, but it is made in the USA and comes with Kershaw’s lifetime warranty.

Kershaw’s list price is $$67.95, but L.A. Police Gear has the pink Chive for $35. I don’t get any kickbacks from them (darn it), but I’ve ordered from L.A. Police Gear several times and they’ve always delivered quickly and efficiently.

She may shake her head at the thought of getting a knife for Mother’s Day, but if she knows you she’ll know it comes from the heart. And if you’ve actually planned ahead for today and you’ve got something more ‘Mom’- like picked out, I wouldn’t recommend canceling that to order her a knife.Even a pink one.

But hey, a knife is still better than a bowling ball with your name engraved in it.


  1. Tim says:

    That’s a great choice or Mom!

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Remember Mother’s Day With The Pink Kershaw Chive

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