Republican lawmaker seeks to thwart New York “gravity knife” reform


photo via Village Voice

Republican (?/!) NY State Senator Martin J. Golden is standing with Governor Cuomo, whose despicable veto overruled the will of the legislature and struck down last year’s knife-law reform bill. That bill would have clarified the definition of “gravity knife” and protected the citizens of New York from the kind of harassment that has resulted in more than 60,000 arrests over the past decade.

The effort looks to be on a path to failure again this year because Senator Golden is standing in its way. He offers the most pathetic of reasons for this.

From the Village Voice:

“Knives kill, knives maim, knives are used in assaults on a regular basis,” Golden told the Voice. He said gravity knives are used in a large number of violent crimes, and said it was unwise to give violent criminals another tool for mayhem. “And as a former New York City police officer, I know the dangers of gravity knives. If you take a look at the weapons of choice today, we’re not locking people up with guns as much as we are with knives….MS-13 used that on a regular basis. They pulled people’s teeth out with them. They poked people’s eyes out with them. These people are terrible, terrible people.”

No shit Senator. MS-13 members are terrible people. They ignore laws about killing people. They ignore laws about poking peoples’ eyes out, and while I have no idea how they go about pulling out teeth with a “gravity knife”,  I am damn sure you better pass a law banning pliers and vise grips while you are at it you vacuous twit. So they can ignore that law as well!

In the mean time, your constituents are being terrorized by these pendejos and instead of protecting them your revenue-generating goons* are shaking down honest tradespeople, arresting and ruining their lives, and wasting valuable resources that those very citizens are paying for with their taxes. And might I remind you that those same folks pay your salary as well sir. 

The bill passed both houses by overwhelming margins last year, so I am not sure what changed that you are blocking it now. Did you suffer a head injury? Do you suffer from multiple personality disorder? Does the Governor have incriminating pictures of you? What happened that you came down with a case of terminal stupidity? Your stated justification for your reversal is a complete joke.

Last year’s effort was supported by an unbelievable coalition of organizations, who more often than not couldn’t even agree on the weather. The list includes:

Brooklyn Defender Services
Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Legal Aid Society
Local One International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (AFL-CIO)
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People – Legal Defense Fund<
National Rifle Association
New York Civil Liberties Union (NY chapter of ACLU)
New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
New York State Defenders Association
New York Times Editorial Board
Safari Club International
Sheet Metal Workers International Association (AFL-CIO)
The Katal Center
UAW Local 2325 – Association of Legal Aid Attorneys (AFL-CIO)
Urban Justice Center
U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries (D-8)

You are on the wrong side of history and your actions are disgraceful . Your constituents deserve better.

I yield my soapbox. Good Day sir.

For those readers who might wish to voice their displeasure with Senator Golden, his office phone number is 518-455-2730. If you do contact his office, please be more tactful than I was here. I didn’t intend to be quite so scathing in my analysis, but it is where my muse took me last night. It isn’t the fault of whomever answers the phone that the Senator is showing a high degree of derpitude, so please be polite.

Read Jon Campbell’s whole Village Voice piece. He has been the most vocal critic of the Gravity Knife law in the New York media, and TTAK applauds his efforts.

*I do not mean to disparage those honest and brave members of the NYPD who feel like they have better things to do than harass otherwise law-abiding citizens for something as innocuous as carrying common folding knives. Knives that are legal in virtually every other jurisdiction in the nation and do not even meet the commonly accepted definition of gravity knife in the first place. Only in NYC is the definition so twisted that a knife I carried in high school (an evil, black-handled Spyderco Endura) is deemed verboten.


  1. Sam L. says:

    “In the mean time, your constituents are being terrorized by these pendejos and instead of protecting them your jackbooted-thugs* are shaking down honest tradespeople, arresting and ruining their lives, and wasting valuable resources that those very citizens are paying for with their taxes.”
    In the Gov’s defense, constituents are much easier (and WAY safer) to arrest that the MS-13ers and other gang-bangers. (Sarc off).

  2. Teddie Kessler says:

    A knife is a necessary tool. Eating, working, camping,etc. Educate. Proud member of Don’t have to be an NRA freak to carry a pocket knife.

    1. cmeat says:

      there’s a lot of tools out there, teddie baby. necessary is just another word for preferred.
      do ya’ suppose there’s any freaks walkin’ aroun’ out there carryin’ heat what ain’t got no other tools, like a knife maybe? y’now, a preferred method of self defense, as it were.

      certainly not freakin’ necessary.

  3. Jon says:

    There’s always one guy who can’t get with the program. I wonder how much he’s getting paid by the opponents of the legislation?

  4. Jason says:

    Just plain ridiculousness.

  5. Nail nick says:

    Well Teddy I m a Life NRA member NYS resident and made plenty of calls and emails to reform our knife righs in NYC, where I seldom go but understand the injustice .

    I get the tone of your comments , so this freak is now going to sit this fight out .

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Republican lawmaker seeks to thwart New York “gravity knife” reform

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