Sadly Predictable: Man fatally stabs self demonstrating “stab-resistant” vest

Teen stabs self vest

Unlike a 50 year old intoxicated Florida Man doing something tragically stupid, it is harder to find the humor in this case of a 22-year old life cut short. It just feels wrong to be talking about Darwin Awards and the like for some reason. Call it a case of Father’s Day hangover, but I don’t take pleasure in bringing this tale of someone’s poor judgement removing them from the gene pool.

There is no such thing as a “stab-proof” vest. Even full suits of plate armor can be penetrated at specific points, and bodkin arrows and various hammers and spikes were designed to foil even the most armored of knights. We have seen multiple examples of modern vests failing when actually faced with a penetrating blow. Joerg Sprave got in all sorts of hot water by demonstrating this fact in a video, with some even accusing him of making instructional videos for terrorists. An Israeli journalist needed a visit to hospital after someone demonstrated a stab-resistant vest that wasn’t.

From Teesside Gazzette:

Jordan Easton was in the kitchen at one of his friend’s parents on August 23 last year – just five days after his 22nd birthday – when he turned a knife on himself.

Tragically, he suffered a chest stab wound and died at the University Hospital of North Tees, in Stockton.

A police investigation was launched, but no further action was taken.

Jordan’s inquest, held at Teesside Coroners’ Court, heard that the 22-year-old, of Georgiana Close, Thornaby, had been out with friends when the tragedy occurred.

After going to the house of one of his friend’s parents, Jordan said he was wearing a “stab-proof vest”.

Teesside assistant coroner Karin Welsh said: “While in the kitchen, he took hold a knife to demonstrate it was stab-proof and sadly realised it wasn’t the case.”

Jordan was rushed to hospital, said the coroner, but “despite the best efforts of the medical professionals, they were unable to save him.”

His injuries were “self-inflicted,” she said, but there was no evidence he intended to harm himself.

While likely better than nothing, there is simply no way that one of these vests can stand up to the pressure exerted on the tip of a pointed object on a deliberate penetrating blow. The most important piece of protective gear you carry is between your ears. Use it wisely.



  1. We can only wonder if this young man had seen Joerg Sprave’s video on youtube on how unreliable “stab-resistant” vests were,….he might still be alive? But of course, it’s NO LONGER available do to Youtube yielding to unreasonable pressure without looking at the big picture!

    Frankly, knowledge is power, and for the time period the video was up it brought understanding to probably thousands of Law Enforcement Professionals and others that nothing is guaranteed with such things. That has or will save lives down the road.

    Isn’t it strange that such an outcry was never made when the “21 Foot Rule” came into the forefront! After all, the same argument can be made that you may be teaching terrorists how to kill using a knife against Law Enforcement and others. Simply don’t draw your knife until you are well within 21 feet of your intended victim, and are in reasonably good shape to quickly close the remaining distance, even if that intended victim has a visible sidearm!

    For some of you who may not be aware of the 21 Foot Rule, here is a revisit to the subject with some additional thoughts on it….

    The fact is, knowing how vulnerable to knife attack Law Enforcement can be in close quarters has and will continue to save lives. No longer will they have to wonder if they are justified to draw their weapon if a suspicious and or aggressive individual keeps approaching without regard to verbal instruction to STOP, drop to the ground, etc.,…. at a much safer distance than 21 feet!

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Sadly Predictable: Man fatally stabs self demonstrating “stab-resistant” vest

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