Samaritan Knife (& axe) Use: Bystanders rescue two from New Zealand truck-wreck.


A Doctor and Nurse were among the rescuers

New Zealand is on my fishing bucket list, the countryside is beautiful and there are monster trout lurking in gin-clear mountain pools. The Kiwis I have know are a friendly and helpful folk, and this seems to be the case for their countrymen as well.  When two people were trapped in an overturned truck recently, bystanders sprung into action.


Two people have been pulled out of a crashed truck just south of Shannon in Horowhenua.

Bystanders including a doctor and nurse sprung into action with an axe and craft knife to rescue the people in the upside-down truck. Their injuries did not appear to be serious.

The small truck towing a campervan was heading north when the crash happened on State Highway 57 about 12.30pm on Monday.

At least one person was trapped upside down. This person was cut out a with craft knife and axe by bystanders and then helped up the bank as the ambulance arrived.

Both crash victims were assessed by ambulance staff, and police were at the scene directing traffic.

Dr Katerina Brougham helped tend to them before the ambulance arrived.

“It’s miraculous that they appeared to be unhurt apart from a minor head wound,” she said. “These guys [the helpers at the scene] were amazing.”

New Zealand Knife law is not insane, but it isn’t great either. No autos or spring assist, “gravity knives” are mentioned, and double-edge and trench-knives are verboten. But they don’t have the same knife crime issues as the UK, and haven’t gone off the deep end. From what I read on some forums, you can carry anything you can justify for work or leisure, and while I hate that situation most Kiwi commenters don’t report the authorities getting in a twist for common EDC knives. I do wonder where they got the axe though.


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Samaritan Knife (& axe) Use: Bystanders rescue two from New Zealand truck-wreck.

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