Samaritan knife use: Jamie Foxx among rescuers who saved driver from burning wreck


The wreck took place just yards from Foxx’s Ventura residence. (photo from

The crash took place outside of Foxx’s Ventura, California residence Monday evening. He ran to the scene and was among those who pulled the driver from the burning vehicle.


It happened Monday about 8:40 p.m. in the Hidden Valley area of Ventura County only yards from Foxx’s front gate, according to the Ventura County Fire Department and a blogger who follows the department. The blogger was at the scene, posted an account and pictures on his Facebook page…

…according to the CHP report on the incident, a driver identified as Brett Allen Kyle, 32, of Newbury Park in Ventura County, drove his Toyota Tacoma into a drainage ditch at “a high rate of speed”  and struck a drainage pipe and concrete. The truck rolled over multiple times, landing on the passenger side, and quickly was engulfed in flames with Kyle trapped inside.

Hearing the crash and screams, two witnesses near the scene, including Foxx, ran over. Foxx also called 911.

One of the witnesses (the police report does not say it was Foxx) grabbed some kind of rescue tool from a vehicle trunk, which the rescuers then used to break the window of the burning truck, cut the seatbelt and drag Kyle out.

It might not have been a knife, quite possibly it was one of those rescue hammers with a seatbelt cutter. Regardless, it shows the importance of being prepared – in your car, and on your person.


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Samaritan knife use: Jamie Foxx among rescuers who saved driver from burning wreck

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