Samaritan Knife Use: Men break window, perform CPR on infant car-accident victim


8 month-old Ryder Lockwood was rescued and revived multiple times after a California car accident.

If you believe in miracles, you will see several examples in this latest example of Samaritan knife use from Fresno, CA. Tony Calvillo, the first rescuer on the scene of an overturned car had just purchased the knife he used to bust out that car’s window that morning. Cavillo was a rescue volunteer with his local Sheriff Dept. and knew what to do.

Calvillo removed an unconscious infant from the backseat and began CPR. The baby was revived briefly, but died again as a second rescuer arrived.

From Miami Herald:

“With the baby’s back against Calvillo’s left forearm, the Visalia man lowered Ryder to the ground. Calvillo used his right hand to start light compressions on the baby’s chest in an effort to revive him.

Calvillo has a daughter about the same age as Ryder. She was all Calvillo saw as he looked at the motionless baby boy before him.

After about 30 seconds of compressions, Ryder came back to life. Holding the infant, Calvillo walked toward Spicer, who had just arrived – and the baby died again.”

Mike Spicer, a retired LOE and church security coordinator who had been listening to a sermon in his car when he arrived on the scene.

“The 61-year-old Hanford, Calif., man had seen many dead bodies over 27 years in the CHP. He was sure the infant was gone. He laid Ryder in his truck and started light compressions on the baby’s chest.

Spicer was listening to a sermon about men who are filled with the “Holy Spirit” when he came upon the crash. The sermon continued as he worked to save Ryder’s life…

…While Spicer took over, Calvillo went back to the wreck, concerned the car could catch fire with people still inside. A man in his 20s, whose identity is not known, had also arrived. Together, Calvillo and that man helped pull Lockwood out and grabbed 2-year-old Aubreanna, who was lying inside.

Rescuers and family walked back up to the highway, hand-in-hand, to find Spicer still performing CPR. Lockwood asked the men over and over if her baby boy was dead.

Calvillo and Spicer looked at each other. They didn’t know what to say.

Then, they heard Ryder cry.

His screams worried his mother, but the men knew the baby’s wail was a very good sign. They looked at each other again, this time with relief.

As I said, if one is predisposed to look for miracles in everyday life, there are plenty to be seen here.

“Calvillo – who works as a global sourcing manager for a produce company in Reedley and as a real estate agent in Visalia – is also an ordained reverend.

“Obviously, I have a lot of faith,” he says, “but it’s one thing to read about Christ and another thing to actually be part of – again, no doubt – a miracle.”

Events leading up to the accident also amazed Calvillo.

He and his 8-year-old son, Jared, were headed to a fishing derby in Visalia (they found out later that the derby isn’t until January). They were running late after stopping by a sporting goods store to buy fishing gear and a knife.

“The funny part is I don’t really carry or use a knife, but for some reason I just felt like I needed to have a knife, and that was what I used to break the window.”

Calvillo rarely ever runs late. He believes God put him – and everyone else who responded to the crash – there at the “right time, at the right place.”


Right time, right place, right tools, right responders. Everything came together to save a life. I have performed and seen CPR on several occasions while a volunteer EMT. Not once did I ever witness someone brought back to life with chest compressions alone. It usually requires a defibrillation to revive a stopped heart.

An amazing story for sure. One might even say miraculous.


  1. Kevin76 says:

    I hate to be critical, but the part of the story where the infant was brought back to life the second time seems to have slipped through the cracks in this version. I had to look at the original to find out what happened after the baby died again. It was alluded to with the line “everything came together to save a life” but it wasn’t specifically stated.

    1. Good catch. Fixed it. Thanks.

  2. Doug says:

    Chest compressions only is the recommended CPR technique in many areas of the country now, leading to significantly improved outcomes.

    1. If have to go back and check. You are right with regards to first on scene response. Compressions only are the standard now. I am not sure when if there are two people with an ambu bag and supplemental oxygen.

      Compression only was just becoming a thing when I stopped being active.

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Samaritan Knife Use: Men break window, perform CPR on infant car-accident victim

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