Samaritan Knife Use: NZ Radio Host rescues woman trapped in car


New Zealand radio host Simon Barnett rescued a woman who was trapped in her wrecked car.

New Zealand radio host (and NZ Dancing with the Stars winner) Simon Barnett was driving to his sister-in-law’s funeral when he witnessed a high-speed traffic accident in front of him. While he was not carrying a knife himself, he was able to acquire one from another motorist and managed to cut a seat belt and free the woman who was trapped inside.

It actually appears that the tool he acquired was a small seat belt cutter. However, he learned from the experience and has added a knife to his glovebox and now advocates that others do the same.


Barnett said he raced to the car and saw two children crying from their car seats in the back, the female driver looking up at him yelling, “I’m stuck, I’m stuck”.

His immediate reaction was to try and pull the woman’s seatbelt off, so he jumped into the car, cutting his fingers on broken glass.

“[The driver’s] seatbelt had locked in and the other car was wedged in on her side.

With no luck releasing the belt, Barnett ran to a waiting campervan, shouting to the driver to “get me a knife”.

“I ran back to the vehicle, jump in the car and cut through the seatbelt, released the woman from her vehicle…

…Barnett said his experience had taught him to always be prepared because “you never know when this is going to happen to you”.

“I’ll always grab a wee knife from now, and put it in my glove box.

“Even if you’re in an accident by yourself, you can reach over and cut yourself free.

“So carry a knife, always drive to the speed limit, and thank goodness we’ve got emergency services that are just incredible.”

Emergencies do not just happen while driving, and Barnett would be better served carrying at least one on his person. That said, people listen to celebrities for some reason, and if this story encourages his fans to EDC it is undeniably a positive thing.

Good on you Simon Barnett.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Good for him!

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Samaritan Knife Use: NZ Radio Host rescues woman trapped in car

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