Sanity prevails: San Diego teens will not be expelled for knives in cars; charges won’t be filed


Instead of being expelled, the two boys will return to school this week.

I came across this story last week and was about to do a write up on it this evening when I discovered that the situation had not only been resolved, but resolved in a way that will not ruin the lives of two innocent teen boys.

From SanDiegoUnionTribune:

Two San Pasqual High School students suspended last month after authorities found knives locked in their trucks in the school parking lot have been cleared to return to school on Wednesday, an Escondido Union High School District spokeswoman confirmed.

Expulsion for the boys, 16-year-old Sam Serrato and 18-year-old Brandon Cappelletti, was not upheld on Friday by an administrative panel that investigated their cases, Escondido school district spokeswoman Karyl O’Brien said.

The knives were not brandished, used, or even seen. They were no threat to anyone, yet a standout student athlete and a prospective Marine could have wound up in jail.

From Reason:

“You might be wondering how administrators at San Pasqual High School even found out about the innocuous items. You might be wondering why the Escondido police became involved. You might also be wondering if the world has gone mad. I have answers to these questions, but you won’t like them.

The high school pays a company to search its campus for contraband using drug-sniffing dogs. On January 27, the dogs indicated Cappelletti’s vehicle—not because of the knives, but because he kept Advil in the car. It’s not clear how Serrato was caught (one news story claims he also had Advil, but his father disputed this). But the knives were discovered, the police were called, and both boys are in big trouble”

Thankfully, the community rallied around the two boys and unlike in Detroit, the school administrators exhibited common sense. The only victims of these two “criminals” would have been the boys themselves.


  1. aircooledTOM says:

    I carried a serrated spyderco Endura every single day in high school (very small town in graduating in 99). I even used it while bored in classes to trim errant threads coming off shirts. In grade school, I carried Swiss Army SD from 4th or 5th grade on. I was a scout, but even if I weren’t I’d have carried. I wasn’t an idiot. Knives are tools, worthy of respect not fear.

  2. Jeric Chua says:

    We had knives in the Cub Scouts in Grade School. No one batted an eye.

  3. Pecos Phil says:

    I am dumbfounded; they have K-9’s trained to sniff out Advil? Seems a waste of tax payers money to sniff out pain reliever.

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Sanity prevails: San Diego teens will not be expelled for knives in cars; charges won’t be filed

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