Schoolboy’s balisong-throwing death ruled an accident


The scene of 16 year-old Jonathan Lucas’s accidental death in Rome.

There is a joke, “What are a redneck’s last words?”. Answer: “Hey y’all, watch this”. Apparently redneckitude is not limited to North America. An Italian court ruled this week that the 2014 exanguination death of Swiss teen Jonathan Lucas was a tragic accident. Lucas was on a school trip to Rome and had apparently been playing a game involving a thrown balisong when he managed to stab himself in the throat.

From MirrorUK:

Jonathan Lucas, a pupil at College de l’Elysee, in Lausanne, Switzerland, tragically died in front of horrified classmates when a butterfly knife severed his throat as he played the high risk blade throwing game with friends.

Police launched a manslaughter investigation as four other students were said to be present.

Investigators were looking into whether the teen and his pals were taking drugs and alcohol at the time of his death, a court heard.

But following a two-year probe a youth court in Lausanne, Switzerland confirmed it was a tragic accident.

The schoolboy was part of a group of 20 students, accompanied by three teachers, that were staying at the Domus Nascimbeni – a dormitory run by nuns – as part of the school trip to Rome.

Other students who were asleep at the time told of how they were woken by his screams as the knife ploughed into his neck two days after they had left Switzerland in April 2014.

One said: “I was woken by cries. People were screaming like crazy.”

One nun ran to the dormitory as emergency services raced to the convent’s dormitory, but the youngster, known by his nickname Jon, had died in the room after the knife had embedded itself 5 cm into his body.”

As one who almost killed himself in an axe accident, I am not really one to be making fun. However, while my incident was careless, it was not reckless. Any game that involves knives being thrown at another person is a bad idea from the get-go.

That said, I did a lot of dumb shit as a 16 year-old. I am glad it was before the internet and camera phones.


  1. sean says:

    shew, what a shitty way to go. We all did dumb shit at that age though :/

  2. AW1Ed says:

    Darwin grins.

  3. Kap says:

    Being a survivor if the Dumb butt Years and having owned a Balisong or Two in my time and have cut my self a time or two trying to be cool and do the one hand flip, had a new Knife stick so the blade side was out with spine sticking in handle and received a couple nasty cuts! sorta guess he may have been doing the twirly thing close to his Face!

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Schoolboy’s balisong-throwing death ruled an accident

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