Schrade Demos Assisted Opening Vipers

Glad to see Schrade’s third gen Vipers at the Blade Show. The side-releasing version comes in three sizes fashioned from 4034 Stainless Steel. My only complaint: the safety (as always) and the fact that you end up with your finger in the hole after the blade’s made the scene. I prefer the 8.75″ (total length) Out the Front (OTF) model, if only because it’s got a glass breaker at the bottom (’cause you never know when you’re gonna be trapped in a car underwater). Both models run around $45.


  1. Chris Dumm says:

    Does the side-assist do double duty as a cigar-cutter? Leghorn could use another one of those.

  2. indigo88 says:

    The problem with the OTF model is the location of the blade “release”. Good luck opening it comfortably with one hand in a normal blade-forward grip unless you have the finger dexterity of a magician. I guess you could rub the release against your leg/belt/etc., but it’ll still likely involve shifting your grip after drawing.

    Reverse grip should be OK for those of us less digitally dexterous though.

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Schrade Demos Assisted Opening Vipers

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