Scissor and Vehicle attack in China kills 1; injures 13

Scissor violence in a totalitarian state? That’s unpossible. Except that it isn’t. Again. Still.

In a scene more typical of a European jihadi attack, a man stabbed 5 people before running down another dozen or so with his vehicle whilst fleeing.

From ChannelNewsAsia:

The attack took place mid-afternoon on Sunday in the suburban district of Miyun in Beijing’s northwestern outskirts. The suspect attacked the group of five people with scissors and then fled in a van, police said.

Xinhua said late on Sunday the injured were being treated in hospital, while the police were still searching for the suspect.

The police did not give a possible motive for the incident but authorities and residents in the country’s political centre are sensitive to potential attacks.

Most Uighur attacks have occurred in outlying provinces. An attack near Beijing would be a new development. The scissors suggest a more spontaneous attack. I don’t know whether the mowing folks down was part of a premeditated plan.


  1. Sam L. says:

    My guess is the vehicle hits were targets of opportunity.

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Scissor and Vehicle attack in China kills 1; injures 13

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