See The Fiddleback Forge Handle Shaping Process

Fiddleback Forge makes some of the most comfortable knife handles I have ever laid my mitts upon. Ethan Becker refers to his knife collection as his “design reference ibrary,” and the Arete model pictured above lives in my library as a stellar example of handle contouring. Ever wondered how they do such a good job? Video after the jump…

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Andy Roy’s Fiddleback Forge, is the sheer quantity of knives they turn out, with all their handles shaped by hand. That degree of precision and consistency is impressive. I can tell you, I will be scrutinizing this video below to try and improve my own work. Enjoy!

Handle demo.

Posted by Fiddleback Forge on Tuesday, February 28, 2017


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See The Fiddleback Forge Handle Shaping Process

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