Self-Defense Tip: De-Knife Your Carry-On and Person Before Flying

Over that The Truth About Guns, we’ve chronicled the large number of concealed carry permit holders who forgot to remove a gun from their carry-on. The TSA blog reports that the blue shirted goons (paraphrasing) confiscated 821 firearms from January to July 2012. How many knives? So many that the overpaid, overweight, overbearing begloved safety Nazis (paraphrasing) don’t even keep a running tally; easily into the hundreds of thousands. Which makes sense. While it’s pretty hard to forget you’re packing heat, who amongst us doesn’t have a knife on or near us at all times? Your humble author forgot about a ZT at PVD. Luckily, the kabuki theater security lackeys (paraphrasing) let me FedEx it home—instead of calling the real cops. From now on, I’m doing my own security search before I board a plane. Like I did after British security found a lone .22 cartridge in the crease of my carry on. D’oh!


  1. Aharon says:

    “British security found a lone .22 cartridge in the crease of my carry on”

    You’re lucky you didn’t end up in prison with a cell mate who doesn’t speak English and thinks you’re his newest wife.

  2. Mark N. says:

    I’ve done it twice now. The first time I just gave it up–no point in Fed Exing a $20 folder, even if I’d had it for years. Then I did the same thing on my last trip–after trying to remind myself to stick it in the luggage. In the rush to unload the car at the departure terminal, then running off to return the rental car, again I forgot. There I am standing in a very long line at the checkpoint, my shoes off and everything coming out of my pockets–and Voila! or is that Oops? Anyway, I stuck it in my computer case which, even with the computer out, had a bunch of cords and chargers. At a busy airport, it slipped through the X-ray scanner. Lucky me!

  3. Matt in FL says:

    I carry a Leatherman Micra on my keyring, and forgetting to remove it is something I do almost every time I fly. Micras are dangerous, y’know, even more so than my Kershaw Chive. But I digress. The first time I forgot to remove it, I mailed it home. Cost me something like twelve bucks. After that, if I discovered it late, I’d just squirrel it away in my carryon somewhere. I think it’s been through xray at least a half dozen times at this point.

  4. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    First, nothing I fly with doubles as a range bag. My luggage is luggage.
    Second, losing a favorite folder to the trash (before the FedEx option)
    will change your habits mucho pronto. I bet one of the minimum wage
    wonders posing as security personnel fished it out of the trash at the
    end of the day. If I’m going to be away for at least 2 weeks, I FedEx it
    to a friend who brings it with him when he picks me up at the airport.
    My knife and I are reunited even before we drive out of the terminal.

    My cousin is an MD and has taken his knife on planes since…forever.
    He tells them it’s just in case he has to do an emergency tracheotomy.
    It’s a very small 2″ pen knife, and he IS a doctor, so they let him take it.
    That might be the only legitimate pass,…as long as you are a real MD.

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Self-Defense Tip: De-Knife Your Carry-On and Person Before Flying

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