Sherlock Holmes Everyday Carry update

Sherlock Holmes Everyday Carry

A couple of weeks ago we shared a really awesome series of posts from In them, the author derives a very convincing list of the Everyday Carry items carried by the iconic Detective, using clues from the texts as reference.

In the second installment of the series, the author focuses in on the knife which Holmes might have carried, and settled on a “Winfield Knife” from Thornhill of London.

It was Mark Zalesky, publisher of Knife Magazine, who tipped me off to the posts in the first place. He promised to follow up with a little more background on the knife when he had the chance. He dropped me this note the other day.

So here’s an ad from Thornhill showing the knife (an apparent varitation of the Graham knives, made like the Wingfield knife). There’s quite a bit on Thornhill in The London Knife Book by Ron Flook (which we sell), but this ad concerns the Sherlock Holmes knife and that’s what we’re after.
Thornhill, like nearly all London cutlers, served a basically local/regional market and did not export much. These knives that look a bit like bowie knives were made exclusively for hunting and not self defense. The Shakespear Knife (they have the name spelled wrong here) was named after an adventurer/hunter and not William Shakespeare. We ran a story on Wilkinson knives made to that design a few years ago.
These knives with folding blades in the handle came long before Scagel did it, but they were not exported to America (not in any quantity, at least).
If you missed the series, go back and check it out. If you are interested in all things Holmes, I highly recommend I Hear of Sherlock. 


  1. Sam L. says:

    The Wingfield Knife: Why IS it the favorite for wearing with the Norwegian Belt? And, what IS the Norwegian Belt? Aquavit?

  2. cmeat says:

    the norwegian belt is the one with the faded brass buckle. because the swedish one is a little brighter.

  3. KV says:

    Link doesn’t work anymore..?

  4. Shawn says:

    I have one of these knives (The Thornhill Wingfield). Haven’t been able to locate much info on them. Not even sure of the value. It was handed down through the family.

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Sherlock Holmes Everyday Carry update

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