Shopper’s Tip: Watch For Black Friday Sales!

blade-hq-black-friday-comingBlack Friday is an amazing day. We’re all feeling groggy from the delicious food we had the day before (and will be having for the next three days). If you’re looking for presents for good prices, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are when to do it.

I myself will not be venturing outside on Black Friday. I was in the Police Explorer program in my hometown and had to do security at Wal Mart once. I lost faith in humanity that day. Being an introvert, I’m glad Cyber Monday came around; now most companies put their Black Friday sales online as well.

Cyber Monday is a great time for knife nuts. Last year I got a GP Knives exclusive Benchmade Griptilian with M4 steel, and the orange and black fixed blade Skylines for $20 each. That may be the best deal ever. I hope you guys have been saving your money.

Companies with sales (so far):

Blade HQ: They just put out a video with their deals. My recommendations are the Kwaiken, Sharpmaker, and Kalashnikov. I’ll probably be grabbing the Albatross and Lightning OTF.

GP Knives: 10% off 10 major brands, as well 40 products with special pricing.

Brous Blades: 30% off fixed blades. Free shirt when you purchase 2 or more. His already started and I bought a Silent Soldier V2.

Arizona Custom Knives: Posting their loot from the New York Custom Knife Show last week, if you have expensive tastes.

Curtiss Knives: Mentioned something about having an Instagram sale featuring his F3 flipper.

Howe’s Knife Shop: I didn’t see all the details, but they have good deals on Zero Tolerance, Spydercos (including Paramilitaries), and even a Curtiss F3 Compact.

If you guys know of any others, please put them in the comments and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  1. Nathan says:

    Honestly guys. Kershaw Thermites for $28 at GP Knives. Grab some Ripples while you’re at it too. I’m having so much fun with this

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Shopper’s Tip: Watch For Black Friday Sales!

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