SHOT Show booth visits: BladeHQ’s complete series

knives of shot show

I think we did a much better job of covering the SHOT show than we have in the past. . If I am not there, I am stuck combing through others’ coverage to try to give you as complete of a picture as I can.  It is what it is. In the course of my coverage, I relied heavily on the booth visit videos from BladeHQ. They covered most companies of note, and compiled all the videos onto their blog.


Part 1: ZT, Boker, Buck


Part 2: Benchmade, CRKT, Spyderco


Part 3: Bear and Sons, TOPS, Brous


They have a Day 4 installment coming out soon, and I will add it when I see it. If you can’t wait, the other videos are already up on the BladeHQ YouTube Channel.



  1. Sam L. says:

    I’ve noticed that both TOPS and Condor have new knives that resemble the Canadian Belt Knife, though the TOPS looks a little more Nessmukish, with handles at maybe half the angle of the CBK.

    1. Sam L. says:

      The TOPS is named Camp Creek (3:05 in the video); The Condor is named Scotia.

      (I just love the looks of the CBK. YMMV. Don’t judge me. OK, do; see if I care. [Looks around] Nope, no care for miles and miles.

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SHOT Show booth visits: BladeHQ’s complete series

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