SHOT Show: CRKT/Flavio Ikoma ‘Fossil’

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

CRKT’s new production-model ‘Fossil’ is a seriously bizarre-looking knife, in a cool way. The original Fossil was a high-priced collector’s item, but Columbia River has brought the same looks and function (if not the same materials) to the artsy edge of the EDC market for about a C-note.

The stainless-steel frame is pounded with hammers to achieve the crude, ball-peened look of the original Ikoma custom, and the scalloped G10 scales have the look and feel of impossibly large walnut hulls.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

This frame-lock flipper doesn’t exactly sport a deep-carry pocket clip, and why would it? If you carry an art knife like this, you’re carrying it because you want to flaunt it.

The blade is 3.9″ of black or satin Veff-serrated 8Cr13, heat-treated to an unusually-hard HRC 59-60. If only they’d given it the same 12C27 Sandvik blade from the marvelous Carajas…

But I shouldn’t be a steel snob, because my only beef with 8Cr13 has been its mediocre edge retention, and the exceptional hardness of the Fossil’s blade might give it a lot more staying power than other 8Cr13 blades I’ve tested. I’d love to find out for myself.

Manufacturer’s link here.




  1. MD says:

    I like the look of this knife. But at weight it 6.1 ozs, its a chunky monkey.

  2. Karl says:

    I have carried the plain edge version of this knife for about 7 months. The weight has not been an issue and it seems to hold its edge well. It is among my favorites

  3. Josh says:

    I got lucky and was given a regular version of this knife the tip was broke and I had a buddy fix it it now has a curved tip on it and I like the look and the cut on it love how its good at holding an edge and love the wight of it as well best knife I own by far and how it opens with such ease makes it so much better iv never heard of these knifes till I got this one

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SHOT Show: CRKT/Flavio Ikoma ‘Fossil’

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