SHOT Show: Hands-On With The Boker Solo II

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

We covered the Solingen-made Boker Solo II in early December, and it looked so nice I hunted it down at the SHOT Show to see for myself. Could it feel as sleek and elegant in hand as it did in Boker’s glossy and oh-so-well-lit promo stills? Oh, hell yes.

The flat-black aluminum scales are dimpled like a golf ball. Hopefully this isn’t meant to provide superior aerodynamics, because you’ll never want to throw a knife like this. It’s got a 3-inch drop/spear point of N690BO steel, much more handy than the original (larger) Solo.

Jens Ansø designed it, and this knife is so elegant and classy that James Bond himself would carry one. Not as a weapon (unnecessary) but to look awesome while slitting open a sealed packet of orders from Q or opening a pack of Dunhill cigarettes. An EDC for Tuxedo CCW, if you will.

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SHOT Show: Hands-On With The Boker Solo II

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