SHOT Show: Hands On With The New Buck Mini-Spitfire

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

Buck introduced their new Mini-Spitfire at the SHOT Show, following up on the success of last year’s Spitfire model. I don’t need to tell you which is the original and which is the Mini in this photo, do I?

The original Spitfire has rocker lock and a 3.25″ drop-point blade made from Buck’s standard 420HC. It features a 4-way pocket clip, and has a street price in the mid-$30s which is extremely competitive for a US-made knife.

The Mini Spitfire has a shorter 2.75″ blade with a slightly humpbacked (maybe even Spyderco-ish?) profile, and a reversible tip-up pocket clip. The 2.1 ounce Mini hasn’t hit the shelves yet, but look for a street price that’s perhaps a few bucks less than the full-size version.

If the blade profile looks a little broad and stubby to you, you’re not alone. The production Mini Spitfire might look a little different from the prototype I played with in Las Vegas, and I noticed that Blade HQ’s stock photography (here) has a more narrow, streamlined blade.

$30 for a US-made EDC knife with Paul Bos-treated steel? As much as I dig Spyderco and SOG and Cold Steel, they should all be looking over their shoulders right about now.

Manufacturer’s link here.


  1. MD says:

    Seems like an excellent price for a day-to-day, USA-made knife.

  2. 2hotel9 says:

    Going to pick up one of the minis as soon as they hit a store near me, see how well it works out.

  3. Roger says:

    I really wish Buck would stop releasing knives trying to hone in on markets and designs of their competitors and just do their own thing. They do nice knives. But they’re just adding to saturation when they could be releasing even better things.

  4. Mark N. says:

    The only thing missing is assisted opening.

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SHOT Show: Hands On With The New Buck Mini-Spitfire

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