SHOT Show: Hands On With The Redesigned Buck Crosslock

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

Buck promised us earlier this year that they were (almost) completely redesigning the knife/saw ‘Crosslock’ hunter. I hit the Buck Knives SHOT Show booth for a demonstration and some hands-on time with the new knife, and I think this ‘mulligan’ knife will succeed where its predecessor fell short.

The prior incarnation of the Crosslock wasn’t quite a runaway suceess. Hunters loved the 420HC drop point and the small bone saw, but field use showed that the old Crosslock had two main flaws: the liner locks weren’t terribly strong, and the plain anodized aluminum grips were impossible to hold onto once they got covered with deer viscera.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAKBuck took these complaints and headed back to the drawing board. The new Crosslock has much thicker liner locks and nicely textured aluminum grips for better purchase when slimy. The frame sides have more and larger openings in them, which allows for better grip and easier cleaning afterwards.

It’s also got a pocket clip for those who use it as a heavy-duty utility knife, but it’s primarily aimed at hunters. Not many guys throw their pocketknives in the dishwasher, but both the Crosslock and its synthetic belt sheath are completely washable.

MSRP is around $90, but if you’ve got a hankering for the redesign, make sure you’re ordering the new one and not the older, slippery version. It doesn’t look like Buck has updated their online catalog to list the new Crosslock, so it may not be shipping quite yet.


  1. knightofbob says:

    I’ve been planning on getting back into hunting this year, because of food prices, mostly, but I’ve already spent more on the non-ballistic side of that than I had planned with a Mora and a Havalon Piranta.

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SHOT Show: Hands On With The Redesigned Buck Crosslock

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