SHOT Show: SOG Fixes SOGFARI Sheath

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

I picked up an 18″ SOGFARI machete last year and tested it chopping up a mountain of thick tree prunings. My only complaint was that the sheath was poorly designed and could let you cut the hell out of your fingers.

I dropped by the SOG booth at the SHOT Show last week, and it’s almost as if the guys at SOG had read my review.

Image: Chris Dumm for TTAK

The original sheath (shown here) was designed with a gap of at least 6″ between the factory rivets. This was enough of a gap to let the surprisingly-sharp blade cut through the sheath stitching and deep into the fingers of the careless or unlucky.

The new sheath (as well as the SOGFARI itself) gets the TTAG thumb of approval.

On  side note, the SOG factory rep was completely unaware that their website still advertises the SOGFARI with a .08″ blade instead of the .1″ blade it actually has. The old .08″ blade was prone to bending and snapping and gave SOG a ton of bad publicity, and they really need to update their website. Oh well; baby steps.



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SHOT Show: SOG Fixes SOGFARI Sheath

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