SHOT Show Video Roundup: 2016 Edition


Although BLADE Show may be Mecca for knife nuts, the annual SHOT Show also sees plenty of product of new product launches from knife companies. One day I’ll be able to make it to SHOT, but for now the next-best thing is following along via all the great YouTube channels out there. After the jump I’ll share some of the favorites that I have seen this year.


The biggest news out of SHOT this year is no doubt the full-tang Morakniv Garberg. The buzz is still going and our post announcing it has been one of our top posts every day since I published it. Here is a video of Dave Canterbury (of Dual Survival and the Pathfinder School fame) running through the advantages of the knife at the Morakniv booth. Audio quality isn’t the best but the content is great. Video by The Late Boy Scout.


EverydayTacticalVids takes a look at the highly anticipated TOPS BOB Fieldcraft folder. It is a framelock with 1095 blade, 154CM frame, and micarta overlays including the BOB’s signature bow-drill divot. It is almost the same size as the fixed blade to boot.


Wingman115 looks at a slew of new Condor Knives with designer Joe Flowers (of Bushcraft Global), including a floating fillet knife and some other cool stuff. There is a good discussion on blade thicknesses in there as well.


BladeHQ has done a great job with their videos showcasing the new lineups from various manufacturers. Rather than embed all of them, I’ll list the links here.

  • Benchmade: If you’d rather read about their lineup, click here.
  • Böker: Right off the bat the rep shows a new BokerPlus that is called the USA according to BladeHQ in the comment section. Depending on the price, I may have to pick one of these up.
  • CRKT: 34 new products!
  • ESEE Knives: Good news if you aren’t a fan of ESEE’s stock handle scales. This video shows off new versions of the ESEE3 and 4 with thicker handle scales and no choil.
  • Gerber: Some of the items here we reviewed during Gerber Week earlier this year, but there is some other stuff as well. The real question is, will they be at BLADE Show in 2016?
  • Kershaw: Tons of new stuff here and a lot of new Les George and Todd Rexford designs. I really like some of the smaller knives, especially the Cathode with its 2.5″ blade. Rick Hinderer himself even shows up to demo his new Kershaw designs for the year. Also… a folding prybar knife at the 18 minute mark?
  • Kizer: These guys are continuing to put out some high quality looking knives.Ray Laconico shows up to talk about some of his designs. I’m going to have to take a closer look at them this year at BLADE.
  • LionSteel: Ever wanted a knife handle that changes colors? LionSteel’s Metamorphosis Kur has you covered. Sounds gimmicky but the design looks cool.
  • Medford: Greg Medford shows off his latest and would like you to know that he doesn’t do coke!
  • SOG: The S30V Zoom that is shown off up front is cool, but SOG is stepping up their game with the new designs that come afterwards.
  • Spartan Blades: Including the new Spartan Harsey Folder.
  • Spyderco: Scion Eric Glesser runs through Spyderco’s latest.
  • TOPS Knives: A complete rundown of their new stuff, including the aforementioned BOB as well as a beefy balisong, friction folder, and more fixed blades and some axes.
  • Zero Tolerance: 6 new products


Schrade has 2 new Teflon-coated survival knives and a kukri this year. Take a look with Ultimate Survival Tips‘ channel.


Victorinox had a few new items to show as well. BudgetBugout takes a look. Includes brand new pattern, the Walker, a thin red scaled model with blade, wood saw, and combo tool.


I missed the unveil of the Inkosi last year, but this vid by The Late Boy Scout has a nice rundown and it has some features that set it apart from the Sebenza.


First up from Hogue is the EX-05, their brand new button lock flipper. Look for it to be ready to go after BLADE show this year. Second video here shows of their new fixed blades.


New Leatherman? Yes, please! The Skeletool RX was designed for first responders with a 154CM sheepsfoot blade and glass breaker integrated into one of their slim bits. Very cool.


Its good to see Buck branching out a bit with some of these new spears. I don’t have a use for any of them but I like them nonetheless. Whether you are fishing or frog-gigging  or just need a single point, they’ve got options and look the business. Some cool knives show up too including the interchangeable blade Selector 2.0 and the new folding Selkirk available in two sizes.


Ernest Emerson himself talks about the biggest Emerson knife to date, the Humvee. Quantities will be limited at only 60 made, so if you are interested you better act quickly. Lou Ferrigno approved. He also shows off a knife they are doing for SIG SAUER that incorporates a flipper and wave opener.


I saved a goodie for last. Many knives get advertised as “Navy Seal knives” but these are the real deal and they are now opening up to the civilian market. The sheath alone has a lot of thought in the design and the ELMAX blades look bombproof as well.


  1. Sam L. says:

    Will look later, but hmmmmmm, no Cold Steel knives?

    1. Cold Steel did not have a booth this year.

  2. Hannah Baker says:

    Amazing knives and especially that Schrade seems the toughest knife among these

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SHOT Show Video Roundup: 2016 Edition

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