Sigma 3 Survival announces “Sigmora” survival knife


Sigma 3 Survival School announces their new survival knife, the Sigmora

Sigma 3 Survival School is headquartered in Missouri, with satellite locations in Virginia and Florida. I read their blog from time to time, and would love to take one of their classes some day. These range from beginner clinics to multi-week advanced classes taught by retired military SERE (survival, evasion, resistance, escape) instructors.

They have recently released a knife that draws upon the combined experiences of their staff. They named it the Sigmora, and it may well be the ultimate survival knife.

From Sigma 3:

We loved the Mora style blades so much and have recommended them for so long that we wanted to create something like it but much more durable. And hence the SIGMORA was born. The problem with Mora style blades is the weakness of their handle construction. So we made one with a full tang in some of the toughest steel on the market. We also added a pommel scraper for making the finest tinder material with ease. Then we made a custom kydex sheath for it and that is what we recommend, as it outperforms leather in many aspects. Though leather is good we don’t prefer it for numerous reasons.

The SIGMORA is the culmination of what we have been looking for in a bushcraft knife for almost a decade now. We aren’t trying to tell you that this is the ultimate one tool option because we don’t believe in that philosophy. A solid knife is the first of many tools you need for wilderness survival, but that knife should be dependable enough that if you had to survive with only that then you would be fine. Your knife is not something you can afford to have break on you in the field in hostile environments where you depend on it. Your choice of bushcraft blade should be one of your most important decisions for survival and this is one of the pieces of gear we recommend spending some money on. The two most important things to spend your money on is your sleep system and your wood working tools. Those items will ensure that you have a comfortable stay with the right training.

You can read the whole release here. 

I am a big fan of the Mora Bushcraft, upon which this was based. I agree that the Mora’s tang is its Achilles heal, and Sigmora’s full tang and CPM3V steel ought to be darn near indestructible. It comes with a $220 price tag and are available by pre-order.


-Steel CPM3V Crucible steel

-4″ blade

-0.125″ thick

-0.9″ tall

-Scandi ground at 12.5 degrees per side

-Sharpened spine

-Small guard

-4-3/4″ handle

-Green Canvas Micarta

-“upside-down egg” cross section

-stainless steel flared tubes

-cutouts in handle fronts for pinch-grip

-lanyard oval in exposed tang at pommel with scraper/striker grooves.



  1. I_Like_Pie says:

    Lawsuit from Mora in 3-2-1…

    1. I think there are enough differences in construction that they should be fine as far as the knife goes. But you might be right on the name.

    2. I think they will be fine. Mora is the name of the city. Morakniv is the name of the consolidated company. Used to be multiple companies operating such as “Frosts of Mora” and “Mora of Sweden”

  2. LG Ruiz says:

    I just bought and got my own and I have to say it is an incredible beautiful knife and great craftsmanship. I paid the 220 because it’s not the price I look at, it’s the product and If I like it, I buy it.

  3. This is an excellent designed knife! Finally a bomb proof full tang design with top grade materials, and a lifetime warranty. I can’t wait for the full size chopper version to come out as well.

  4. Unfortunately quantities are very limited.

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Sigma 3 Survival announces “Sigmora” survival knife

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