Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine June 2018 issue

Knife Magazine June 2018

Unlike last month, where I was able to handle the Tiffany knives from the cover story, I have unfortunately not personally seen the knife which may well have been Bo Randall’s first. I don’t know if it is, I haven’t read the article either. Like some of you, I am still waiting to receive my “dead tree” copy of the Knife Magazine June 2018 issue. For those unaware, Knife Magazine is only available in print format, to which you can subscribe here.

I have a thing for Randall Knives, not that that makes me unique in any regard. Randalls are among the most collectible knives in existence. Even new ones have waiting list which can run into years.

We have run several Randall Themed posts, here are two of our best:



In addition to the cover article, the Knife Magazine June 2018 issue has the standard variety of recurring and original features. Take a look at what is inside:

Personally, I am really looking forward to this one.





  1. Jason says:

    I believe it is, (I’ve seen the knife and lots of documentation) The owner of the knife is a very honest guy and one of the biggest collectors of the rare knives.

    1. Cool. I take Mark’s word as pretty darned good. I just never asked him the question at lunch last week

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Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine June 2018 issue

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