Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine March 2018 issue

Knife Magazine March 2018

Mark Zalesky, publisher of Knife Magazine, has forwarded me our monthly sneak peek at the March Issue. I have been looking forward to this issue in particular as it marks my return the the world of “dead-tree” journalism. I helped Mark with the company reports from last month’s SHOT Show.

As always, the Knife Magazine March 2018 issue is jam packed with original features as well as their recurring monthly columns from the ABS, Knife Rights, ACTI and the Knifemaker’s Guild.


For those of you unfamiliar, Knife Magazine is only available in print edition. You can subscribe here if you are so inclined.

It was nice to do my first bit of freelance work in over a decade. It also helped keep me plugged into the goings on of this year’s SHOT Show, so my TTAK coverage was hopefully much better this year. I hope even more to make it out in person next year.

I came across this the other day when looking for something else (of course, isn’t that how it always happens?) . It was my first “open assignment” piece as opposed to my usual beat of covering County Commission and Zoning meetings.

The scariest thing about that picture is some of the kids probably are parents themselves now. Ugh.





  1. TheStoic says:

    Coincidentally, mine just showed up in the mailbox today. Enjoyed the coverage in the Shot Show article. I thought the short Trends section was especially interesting. And I almost missed it, tucked away at the end there. And that final pic of the White River Small Game was a beaut. I want one.

  2. saadshaw says:

    H. Clay Aalders, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

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Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine March 2018 issue

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