Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine November 2017 issue

Knife Magazine Cover November 2017

Here is a sneak-peek at this month’s issue of Knife Magazine

Knife Magazine’s November 2017 issue is shipping soon. Publisher Mark Zalesky emailed me this afternoon, so here is our monthly sneak peek at the Cover Art and Table of Contents.

Featured this month is the work of Jody Muller of Muller Forge. I am yet to read the article, but it looks like it will focus on the “Sole Authorship” (SA) movement. Sole Authorship means that the craftsman’s hands cover every facet of the work. The creator must be proficient in all of the specialties – from forging and grinding, to woodworking (or bone, micarta, etc.), to leatherwork, to in the case of Jody Muller – being a master engraver as well.

Knife Magazine Table of Contents

This month Knife Magazine

As you can see, there looks to be a mix of art, vintage, and utilitarian blades among the Featured Articles.


Knife Magazine Table of Contents

Monthly columns.

Knife Magazine is only available by subscription. You can purchase yours here if you are so inclined.


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Sneak Peek: Knife Magazine November 2017 issue

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