SNL mocks Carson stabbing story


According to Dr. Carson’s autobiography, a belt buckle is what prevented him from being a murderer.

The Donald isn’t the only one questioning Dr. Carson’s story about his childhood attempt to stab a friend. Saturday Night Live lampooned the story in a skit this weekend, culminating in a visit from Black Jesus (Keenan Thompson), which alters the trajectory of young Carson’s life.

I am neither a Carson supporter or hater. I think the skit is actually pretty funny, with references to a separate hammer incident, the pyramids, and Carson’s views on homosexuality in prisons. Not much for me to add by way of commentary, but a noteworthy example of knives and knife news in popular culture.

See the video below the jump:


  1. Daniel says:

    The video clip from SNL


    About the same as Trump.


    But I think the USA IS INTELIGENT ENOUGH TO LOOK BEYOND THE SO CALLED “POLLS” and see who is really qualified for the job of being leader of the Home of the oppressed, and the ones who’s knees knock at the first sign of danger. The way I see it.


    The one that advertised the killing’!! who’s name is not worthy of keystrokes. But all I say is,, GOOD JOB USA FOR LANDING A BOMB RIGHT SQUARE ON THE CAP.

    I wished ther were a way to have painted a red X on that cap.

    What was it? Well last I saw was 129 innonocent people gone! For what?
    A twisted minded group of concience–less “drones” whose buttons and levers are pushed and pulled by the evil one himself.

    My penny and 1/2’s worth.


  2. Daniel says:

    But what I do see is no way to edit ones post.

    What I do see in Dr. Carson is a mind who “SNL took a punch at” that is extremely self controlled and is not repetitively shouting out “these people are, stupid, stupid, stupid.”

    And another one of his favorites,
    Incompetent, incompetent, incompetent! And people think he has a chance at being our President. Well I guess he has a chance. But can you imagine? Really?

    1. There is an edit button, but I think you need to do it right away. Not a big deal.

      I don’t have a horse in the race. I don’t see the skit as out of bounds because they are riffing an event from Carson’s own autobiography.

      And while I don’t have a personal problem with Carson, he has said some kooky stuff – ie the pyramid stuff.

      Honestly, I don’t have an overwhelming interest in this topic, but I feel like it is necessary to at least address it.

  3. Daniel says:

    Please allow time to edit.

    I wanted to say at the end of my post was “and people think Mr. Trump has a shot at becoming our president.

    Well yes he does have a shot, but with what? a BB gun. I have heard some of what he wants to do. What he says scares me more than terrorist. And they do not scare me one bit.


    1. I am definitely not a Trump fan. His grasp of the Constitution is somewhat behind that of my 7 year old daughter.

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SNL mocks Carson stabbing story

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