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School is cancelled today, as it has been 5 of the last 7 days, plus President’s Day. More snow is set for after 5, so Thursday is probably going to wash out as well. As a native Clevelander, I am constantly in awe of how much Knoxville comes unglued with regards to snow. Last week’s ice was no joke, and Tuesday was a legitimate snow day at least by Tennessee standards, but there is no earthly reason that school should be cancelled today.

It is time to kick back with this week’s crop of videos. It has been a little while since I have done a “Friday Film Fest”, and I have some great ones to highlight today. The video above is really neat. David Warther is a treasure. He is a 5th generation woodcarver, whose trademark is the little wooden pliers he carves for visitors to his workshop and gallery/museum. There are only 10 cuts to take the blank of wood to the final product. If you are a TTAK reader, no matter what your background or sub-category interest, you are going to enjoy this.

Lots more below the jump.

In what is both a News story and table top review, CutleryLover discusses the case of a kid who was suspended (not expelled as the title states) from school for having a couple of credit-card knives in his backpack. It is an interesting piece, both for the review portion (Col. Jeff is one of the best in the genre) and as a window into the personal philosophies of the producer, especially with regards to knife carry in schools and “what is a weapon”.  Kind of long, but he doesn’t often do political, so I thought it worth sharing.


Switching gears, here are a couple of short  promotional videos from SOG and CRKT.

The SOG Voodoo Hawk Mini is an interesting tool, though I am not sure what I think of a glass-handled tomahawk.  I like glass on a splitting maul, but I like my traditional tools to have traditional shafts. I can accept a 1-piece ‘hawk as well.

This overview of the Kit Carson designed M21-14SFG is from CRKT’s official channel. While too many people I respect say that there is no such thing as a “tactical” folding knife, and I tend to agree, if you are going to recognize it as a genre, the CRKT is a good representative of the class. Especially if you don’t want to shell out the kind of money it takes to buy an Extrema Ratio.


Finally, 2 culinary videos.  The first is an incredible display of knife skills in turning a carrot into a net.  The last one isn’t knives, but I stubled across it this week.  If you are a Walking Dead fan, you will like it.




  1. VaqueroJustice says:

    Net carrot was kind of amazing. Autoplaying iams ad sucks, though. Now I can never buy iams again.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Well, those were cool!

    1. Thanks!

      These filmmfest posts don’t generate many comments, so I am glad to know someone is enjoying them.

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Snow Day Film Fest

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