SOG Switchplier 2.0 wins Best of the Best Award from Field and Stream

After I acquired a Leatherman Rebar as a gift with my membership to, I set out to to a 30-day Project Leatherman. I failed. I made it just under two weeks before giving up on the project. Fact is, I work from home, and a “Uni-Tool” that is task specific is usually fairly close at hand. More on this below the fold.

I was trawling which is a clearinghouse for industry-related press releases. There was an announcement that SOG’s Switchplier 2.0 won a Best of the Best award from Field and Stream Magazine. It seemed like a good pairing with the demise of Project Leatherman.

From SOG via TheOutdoorWire:

LYNNWOOD, WA. – Field & Stream Magazine has bestowed a coveted “Best of the Best” award on SOG Knives and Tools’ SwitchPlier 2.0 multi-tool. The SwitchPlier is included along with 40 other outstanding new hunting products highlighted in the magazine’s September 2015 issue now available on newsstands.

“Before a product earns recognition as Best of the Best, it must undergo field testing by our experts,” wrote the Field & Stream editors. “In all, more than 150 products were tested, and 41 were deemed fit enough to earn this honor.”
Introduced early in 2015, the SwitchPlier springs to action with a simple push of a button. The affordable multi-tool (MSRP $64), allows instant one-handed access to the pliers, making it quick to deploy for a host of jobs. From driving in screws, opening a can or bottle, cutting open a package or tightening a bolt, hunters will appreciate it because it’s fast, it’s smart, and it’s built to handle almost anything.

SOG’s SwitchPlier earned accolades for being essential in the field. “The SwitchPlier is a fresh take on what many outdoorsmen consider an indispensable tool,” wrote Field & Stream editors.

“Getting a ‘Best of the Best’ from the respected and knowledgeable Field & Stream crew solidifies our belief that the SwitchPlier is a well-designed, highly usable multi-tool,” said Nando Zucchi, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SOG. “It’s great validation for our design team and everybody at SOG.”

As far as the demise of Project Leatherman, I suck. I gave it an honest shot. I made myself pull it out instead of an EDC knife, just so I would use it. I tightened a couple of doorknobs, and frankly was disproportionately excited at the act, just because I found a reason to use it. The final straw was when I had the Rebar I was carrying at the gun range and unlike my Wave, it  didn’t have a screwdriver small enough to adjust my sights. Normally I would have thrown the Wave in my range bag, but skipped it because I was wearing the Rebar. I still like to have a multi-tool in my fishing gear and in my vehicles just in case. I simply don’t need to wear it at all times.

I understand why someone like reader Jake Middleton loves his. He is a home inspector and needs something close by for simple and common tasks while in someone else’s basement. I work at home, and can simply grab the right tool for the job.

Bonus Video:

Our friend Tim of EverydayTacticalVids did a review of the SOG Switchplier 2.0 a little while back:


  1. James says:

    Typo: headline says SwitchPILEr, not SwitchPLIEr.

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SOG Switchplier 2.0 wins Best of the Best Award from Field and Stream

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