(Sort of) New from Fallkniven: LTC (Legal to carry)

It has been a quiet day on the news front, but I came across a cool new (released Q4 2015)slipjoint from Fallkniven. It is called the LTC, or Legal to Carry and it brings the venerable pen-knife into the 21st century. Utilizing 3G powder steel, this little knife clocks in at an extremely hard 62HRC.

The knife is meant to be legal even in places with draconian knife laws such as the United Kingdom. Its blade is 5.9cm long and is a slim .25cm thick. The aluminum scales are available in a wide variety of colors, and can be engraved. The knife would make a great groomsman’s gift.


The LTC is available in a wide variety of colors. The aluminum scales would be easily engraveable.

I don’t usually post outside knife reviews, but Heinnie Haynes is one of the best places in the UK to kit up with knives that are legal for EDC, and many that need to be left at home to avoid Imperial entanglements. We shared their “5 Mistakes to avoid when buying a knife” article a while back. In addition to the video above, they did a text review as well.

In the course of researching this post, I found another post from Heinnie’s blog, “The complete UK Friendly EDC buying guide“. Check it out. I am going to do a post in the near future highlighting this excellent piece in the near future. It is worth a stand-alone post.

The knife is difficult to find in the US. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, BladeHQ, Knivesshipfree, and the other “usual suspects”. I did find it on Knife Outlet, a site I have never purchased from on sale for $55. It is also available from Heinnie Haynes, and direct from Fallkniven.

While I don’t think it is the most incredible knife out there, I do think that it is important to support companies that are making knives like this. While under assault, knife culture in the UK and Europe needs to be encouraged and cultivated. All is not lost, though the situation is bleak.


  1. dari banyaknya sumber informasi, sepertinya blog agqn adalah yang paling tepat.

    Karena disini saya bisa menndapatkan pelajaran yang sangat

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(Sort of) New from Fallkniven: LTC (Legal to carry)

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