South Carolina teen’s fishing knife expulsion overturned

Earlier this month we reported on the expulsion of Chandler Helms, the South Carolina teen who had forgotten the fishing knife in the back of his pickup truck at school. Superintendent Kelly Pew and Deputy Superintendent Tony Cox issued a typically boilerplate excuse for trying to ruin the boy’s life.

His expulsion has now been overturned.

From the Charlotte Observer:

The district’s policy states if weapons brought to school are intended to be used to cause bodily harm it will result in expulsion. The weapons include knives, blackjacks, brass knuckles, razors, and more.

Monday night, the Rock Hill School Board ruled that Helms can return to the school district but must finish his junior year at an alternative school. Helms will reportedly be able to return to Northwestern High School for his senior year.

“(I’m) just relieved knowing that he’s going to be able to continue his education and with this expulsion lifted he’ll be able to carry out his dreams of being in the coast guard, in the military, where something like an expulsion on his record could have really hurt his chances,” explained Pruitt.

 No one was harmed in what was by all accounts an honest mistake made by an upstanding member of the school community. Having a fishing knife in your truck is something that should not even count as a “mistake” in the first place, but the Crown does not approve of students having pointy things -only gym equipment can be wielded on school grounds, and only with Royal permission. 


  1. Patty Kasiewicz says:

    Glad it worked out for the boy, most stupidist stuff is done by the school systems even like the time a child bit his pop tart into a gun shape and got expelled. People today are just total idiots on a lot of innocent things. When i was a kid in high school, it was nothing to have a shot gun in the car or truck so that you could go hunting right after school.

    1. Wade says:

      I carried a 12 Ga in my truck in High School, and even had a show and tell after school with it before, but that last part turned out to be a mistake as someone broke into my truck and stole it one day, and it was my first gun my Father bought me.

  2. cmeat says:

    supernintendo kelly overreacted due to a traumatic childhood where boy’s constantly pointed things at her while yelling, “pew, pew!”
    tony cox is smoothing things out for her…

  3. Wade says:

    If people are smart they won’t even send their children to a public school anymore, the social interaction is the only positive thing that could come of it anyway, and I am not sure even that is true if they have to be exposed to other brain washed mentally challenged slaves that the Government puts out now.

    I would home school my children, and that’s what everyone needs to start doing. As long as people keep sending their kids to public school and don’t protest how they are these days by choosing not to play, nothing i going to change.

    Home schooled children usually test much higher anyway, I wonder why, not hard to figure out really. Most of the time they fail to even teach skills worth learning anyway, they teach propaganda, Pseudo Science, false history, etc, more than anything. They don’t teach your children how to think for themselves. I have actually saw cashiers that can’t even make make change for a quarter, true story.

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South Carolina teen’s fishing knife expulsion overturned

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