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In other news, I received a package today from Gerber.

Today is the day that KnifeRights needs your help. If you live work or travel in New York, please stop what you are doing and call or email Chairman John Flanagan of the NY Senate Rules Committee and ask him to please advance A. 4821/ S. 3675 to the floor for a vote. Phone (518-455-2071) Email: flanagan@NYSenate.gov.

I sent a letter myself, since my family owns a summer house on Lake Chautauqua. I am including it and Chairman Flanagan’s auto-response email below the jump. Hopefully if there are enough people who call or write, we can pull the fence-pole out of his butt and get this thing done.

Instapundit has been helping us get the word out, as has Dan over at TTAG. Several thousand people have seen these posts, and hopefully it is being noticed in Albany through action on your part. KnifeRights’ full time lobbyist is there, and the one/two punch of professional lobbying and grass-roots mobilization will make the difference.

If you are at all cheesed off about the deaths of Eric Gardner and Freddie Gray, this is a real way you can make a difference. 60,000 people have been prosecuted in the last 10 years, 86% of whom are black and Latino. This is a golden opportunity to actually change unjust policies. Please join us.

Since I am writing this quick update I figured that I would also let you know that I received the 4 blades from Gerber that they promised. I have been playing with them for a couple of hours now and will have something by way of first impressions tonight or tomorrow.

Here is my email, and the Chairman’s response:

Dear Chairman Flanagan,
I am writing to you today to ask that you please advance A. 4821/ S. 3675 out of committee and to a floor vote. While I personally do not live in the Sate of New York, my family owns a house in Bemus Point on Lake Chautauqua. My mother lives there part time, and my family drives up from Tennessee for visits in the summer.
It always worries me when I travel through New York State, because the vague nature of NY knife laws. I know better than to visit NYC at all. Many common pocketknives that I frequently carry have landed thousands of your citizens as well as visitors in jail, and I hope you use your power and position to remedy that injustice.
As I am sure you are aware, the Village Voice has covered the issue at length, and for there to be an issue on which they would agree with Wayne LaPierre is a remarkable convergence.
Please advance the bill.
H. Clay Aalders
Smoky Mountain Gillies – Owner/Guide

Thank you for your recent e-mail.

Please know that your questions, comments and concerns are important to me,
and that my office works every day to respond to our constituents in a
timely manner.  Be assured that your e-mail, as is the case with every one
of the hundreds of e-mails and letters my office receives every day, will
be read and given every consideration.

If your inquiry requires direct, personal assistance by a staff member, we
will contact you as soon as possible.

If you need a more immediate response, please call my district office in
Smithtown at 631-361-2154.

Again, thank you for taking the time to reach out to my office and for
providing your insight on the issues affecting you, your family and your


John J. Flanagan
State Senator, 2nd District
260 Middle Country Road — Suite 203
Smithtown, New York  11787
631-361-2154 (phone)
631-361-5367 (fax)


  1. Doug Ritter says:

    Thanks, Clay, for your help and support!

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Sprint to the finish…

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